Sunday, March 30, 2008

Go D-Backs. Today it begins!!!!! It feels like Christmas. Here are our family favotites.

Ho Dawg as Tate calls him! AKA Orlando HudsonStephen Drew and Eric Byrnes

Our weekend

We had a pretty busy weekend. It always seems like there is either nothing going on or everything. Friday night we had Brint and Brea's wedding dinner. It was a good time and we didnt take our kids so it was even better! After the luau we went to see Drill Bit Taylor, with Eric and Jen, Wayne and Chea and Jared and Randa. It was a blast we were out till about one acting like teenagers hanging out at Sonic till the AM hours. Its always good to enjoy the people who we are fortunate enough to be friends with. Sat. morning was opening day for QC Little League. We had to be there at 930 to start the festivities. We stayed there until about 1230 or so. Brooks had to be back by 2 for pictures. I think they just expected that people want to be there all day long. Well I didn't so B and I went to Target and found her some shoes and a few outfits. This change of season is killing me. I love it but my kids need new wardrobes. I am going to say that I love that B is playing ball and liking it. I was so excited to see her in all her gear. I was like the proudest mom out there. I am seriously a nut I know but it did my heart good to see her looking so cute! Meredith I know you can understand this. There is something about her wanting to play catch and me pitch to her that I love! Its kinda like I'm getting my fix even without playing!!! So thanks to B for allowing me to be a crazy mom, although I promise to never yell and get all worked up over it.Tate was not about to miss out on the action either. Chad is helping coach and Tate wanted to be a part of the team! GO COUGARSSat. night we had the reception for Brint. It was at the Sandstoms home which was amazing!!! Tylee was a holy terror so we didn't stay to long. Long enough for me to eat some cheesecake and everyone to have some desert. We were wiped out and ready for bed. Ty's poor cheeks got pretty red from being out all day. I know I'm a bad mom but I am out of practice with the sun screen. I wont be forgetting again though. In these pics Tate is doing some nice side pose thing that he must have learned from Trey or Tori :) The different personalities from one kid to the next are so fun. Ty is still trying to learn that when I say cheese you don't have to crinkle your entire face up. She is either completely serious or way cheesy. Plus Tate got to see his women Lindalee again. He hugged her for about 5 min. and I am not exaggerating. All in all it was a great weekend because we just had lots of family time!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a good day. I actually made it to church on time, thats is a miracle in itself! I feel very fortunate at this time of year to be reminded of all of my blessings. Not that I dont thank my lucky stars everyday but it was good to recognize the atonement and all it can do for us. I am grateful for the opportunity I have been given to continually be able to get on the track that I need to be on. Its truly amazing that we can go through life and do our best and after that we are met half way. Its so incomprehensible to me how much grace we are shown from our Heavenly Father. I am blessed to have such a loving and fun family. Thanks Chad for putting up with me and helping me through life. I cant imagine a better gift than being a mom of MY 3 kids. I am so fortunate and blessed in every aspect of life!!!!!!!!! The only thing that would have made my day even better would for B to have been with us. It was here weekend at her dads and I know she had fun there. I think this was the 1st Easter in 8 years that I have not gotten B an Easter dress. Kinda silly but as a mom there is something fun about getting to dress the family for Easter. Im already looking forward to next year. We always miss her and cant wait for her to get home when she is gone! We love you sissy!!!!!!

Easter Festivities

These pics are pretty self explanitory and I dont have alot to add but I did want to tell something that Tate did that made my heart melt. They had been looking for eggs and he had a bunch but Trevor and Finley were lacking in theres. He was still finding them and so he said " Finley come here I found some for you," without hesitation. He then did the same for Trevor!! He was very concerened that they would not have enough. It does a mom good to see that something she tries to teach her kids actually sinks in. He has the softest heart for being as rough and tough as he is. I love that he is a sweet boy. He is the farthest thing from being a punk. I love you Tate and thanks for being such a good little boy.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our 2nd Week of Spring Break

So our 2nd week of break was just as fun as the first. The kids started the week off spending the night at grandmas with Trey and Tori. Brooks and I went with Jen Lamb and Madsion to the movies on Mon. for her birthday. Its always fun to go out with out the other kids. We have been having softball practice for B twice a week for the past few weeks. I know I am a dork but it does me good to see her play. I love that she likes it and does very well. Her entire team is a bunch of girls that she is either friends with from school or in our ward.
I love that these girls have so much fun being themselves. They are always rather silly and I pretty much need some advil when they are together but I love that about them. They are equally as tall as each other which is about a head taller than the others in their grade! Here is Tates latest hair do. B asked me if she could do it one day and this is what she came up with. He just sits there forever and lets her comb it a million different ways and cake the product on there.

Grandma took us all bowling at the new alley in Gilbert. The place is awesome. The kids had a ton of fun. I was kind of pulling my hair out trying to keep Ty off of the other lanes and her arm out of the ball return. Trevor was trying to venture off as well. I ended up taking the babies and Tate home and the older kids and gma were able to play a while longer!!
Way to strike a pose Tori! It doesnt get any cuter. In every picture that day she has the same pose. Thanks gma you are the best. Its always crazy with all the kids but you take it in stride.

Tate decided after about the fourth frame he was done. He took his shoes off and sat out. I think sitting and having to be patient while waiting for the others to take their turn did him in! Plus he walks up there, sets the ball down and bends over and rolls it between his legs. Its hilarious to watch.After bowling we went to moms to go swimming. The jacuzzi was warm so mom got in their to watch. We are a bit wimpy when it comes to cold water. The kids had a blast regardless of the water being a nice 64*. It took them a minute and that was about it till they were being crazy and totally swimming like it was mid summer. As a mom I can hardly wait for these days to hurry up and get here. Its free entertainment for all of us. It doesnt get much better than waking up putting the suits on and spending all day out there with the cousins! B was trying to muster up the courage to get in. As soon as they did they did the best they could to do cannon balls and get gma with the freezing water. It was entertaining since I was not in there to be tortured!!! Chad and the kids slept on the tramp, well sort of! I dont know that Chad ever fell asleep but the kids made it till about 3 and they were freezing. They had all rolled to the middle and were about on top of each other. B is in there somewhere she is just buried. We will have to try again when the nights are a little warmer. They had fun and it was sure thoughtful of their dad to do that with them. Im sure it was alot better when we were kids! I used to think it was the greatest thing. Maybe because it was always with my brothers and sister. Next time we will make it a family affair!

These pictures make me laugh. Tate loves Lindalee!! He totally looks forward to her coming and getting her hair done. Im am sure it is due to the fact that she adores him and brings him gifts every time she comes. She is so thoughtful towards him. The last time she came she brought him a razor hot wheels. He thinks it is the greatest thing. So he was snuggling with her and asked her if she would rub lotion on him. Ya I know he is picked on :) So he lays on top of her while I washed her hair and she gave him a massage. In about 5 min he was sound asleep. I thought that was hilarious!! Thanks Lindalee for being so sweet to Tate. He loves you!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break

We had Jessicas kids come over one day and have fun with us. We really haven't done much at all. Can you say WT. We have been lucky if we even get ready. But the kids have had a blast enjoying the weather.
Tate thinks its the greatest thing to load things on the trailer like his dad. He is so into all the manly stuff.

Don't ask on this one like I said WT!!! She has the funniest personality!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I got Tagged (thanks Tiff)

TAG, you're it!
5 things I need to do today.
1. Go to the post office
2. play outside with my kids
3. Get a Dr. Pepper because that is just a must everyday
4. Deposit checks
5. Figure out what I'm doing this weekend!!!
5 things I would do if I was a billionaire.
1. I would pay off my house and all of my family members.
2. Finish decorating my house
3. Plan some amazing vacations
4. Pay my tithing
5. Buy a Mercedes G500
3 Bad Habits
1. Eating late at night
2. Drinking as much pop as I do
3. Running late
Places I have lived
1. Sacto California
2. Mesa
3. Gilbert
4. Queen Creek
Jobs that I have had
1. Paradise Bakery
2. Tux and Tails
3. The Cutting Edge Salon
4. Hair Do
5. Mom and wife
Something most people don't know about me
1. I enjoy softball about as much as I do Christmas.
2. I lettered in golf all 3 years of high school. (not saying much)
3. I obsess with the way I smell and have enough lotion and perfume for 10 women.
4. I don't own a pair of white socks, they are all fun and festive.
5. I love babies and would have loved to be a neo natal nurse!

Is this a preminition?

I was putting Tates clothes away and this is what Ty did to keep entertained. She put the boots on all by herself and then pointed to Tates hat. I thought she looked rather cute in her giddy up. She is still learning to smile for pictures as you can tell in most of them she is very serious. If she is anything like I was when I was little she will think she is going to be a cowgirl. Then I hit high school and that dream went out the window. Im sure she would make her Papa Sonny proud!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

I think Chad gets tired of me saying ok smile. So instead I got this face. Nice huh
He is so proud of his trophy!!!!!

So soccer is finally over and my feeling aren't to hurt by that. I know that Chad had a blast being coach and Tate liked it for about the first 15 min. of each game. Every Saturday for about 2 months is a killer, especially during dunes season. A serious wrinkle has been had but Im glad they were able to do it. Now B starts softball so Im sure we are right back in the same boat. Thats what it is all about though, putting the kids first. Tate and Brecken were so funny because we had our games at a park and they were very distracted. You could never put them in at the same time or they would get way side tracked or be wrestling. Anything but trying to kick the ball to the goal. Anyways it was fun for Tate and I know he is going to miss it for now. I know this is just the beginning to a life time of sports with Tate.