Friday, April 9, 2010

Brooklyns Birthday

Just the thought of having a child in double digits makes me feel old. I am so blessed to have been entrusted to watch over B. She is an awesome daughter, student and friend. She is stunningly beautiful and a lot of fun also. She has a great personality and I am enjoying that she is starting to figure out who she is. She is developing her personal interests and not just what others are doing or want her to be doing. I am certain that I push her to do a thing or two that she would rather not do. However I know she will thank me later when she can serenade me on the piano. I know that I am very behind in posting this but here are 10 things about B as she has just entered into her 10Th year.
1. B is a social butterfly and loves to spend time with her family and friends.
2. She has had straight A's this entire year and manages to stay ahead even with all the extra things she participates in.
3. She can fall asleep in nothing flat. Typically once I have tucked her in she is asleep within minutes.
4. B is in the middle of her 3rd season playing fast pitch softball. She loves going to her practices and games and is constantly throwing the ball around. She has done amazing learning to catch and pitch.
5. She is a singer and loves music. She always wants tunes on and typically knows all the words to the songs. If she has heard a song she knows the words.
6. She was the Vice Pres at her school but was asked to take over as the Pres because the girl that was the president changed schools. She has taken the extra responsibility and done a great job.
7. She has a few different things she collects but snow globes, pencils and chap sticks top the list.
8. I don't think I have had to remind her to do her homework once this entire year. She comes home and just gets it done. It is so nice to not have to struggle about that.
9. She loves chicken enchiladas, and pretty much all meat. She is a pretty good eater and for the most part I can get her to try new things. Except she does not like anything with cinnamon. No cinnamon rolls, churro's, french toast and so on.
10. She is only a few inches shorter than I am and her feet are only about 2 sizes smaller. My guess is by the time she is 11, we will be eye to eye.

Its so crazy how quickly life goes by and how fast she has grown up. I could not be more pleased with the person that she is already and what she is becoming. Sometimes we take different paths in our lives, some of which are harder than others. From the moment that I held my 10 pound angel I knew of my worth and that being a mother would bring me joy that nothing else could. Yes I was only 18 but from the moment I laid eyes on her I wanted nothing more than to be her mother, and the best mom I could possibly be. That feeling has never waivered. I love you Brooklyn and appreciate all that you have blessed me with in my life. You truly are one of my best friends.

Spring Break

Fort "No Sleep"
I promised B that over the break she could have Larken and Cassidy sleep over. It ended up being a fun little slumber party. Or should I say lack there of slumber? Its not all that often that the 3 girls get together so we were excited. Tate decided he wanted in on the action and Cache was more than happy to oblige. Well and Tylee was just elated to be included! She was so happy to hang out with the bigger kids. They wanted to build a fort they could sleep in so I did my best. My fort making skills are a bit rusty but it worked and they didnt seem to mind the kitchen floor:) We shut all the lights out and they watched a movie and had popcorn in the fort. I was a lot of fun and took me back to being a kid. I love that we are surrounded by family but mostly that they love one another. They really enjoy being together and cant seem to get enough. I think I heard the last of the giggles about 230 or 3 am and heard then start back up about 630. We were all exhausted but had a lot of fun.
Silly Girls

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sunrise with Fam and Friends

We had such a blast the last week of spring break taking the kids up to snowboard and ski. It worked out that the Larson and Lamb crews could also come. We put both B and T in the ski class and they learned quite a bit. B only did the morning class of snowboarding and then was able to come down Midway with me. Tate did both the morning class and the afternoon with skiing but he loved every minute of it. It was so fun to finally snowboard after 7 years with Chad. It was also fun to not fracture my tail bone this time:) We had fabulous snow and even better company.

B is in the blue jacket and white pants in the above pic, making her way back up the hill. Good job Taryn
B loved it and picked up on it so well. I was such a proud mama:) It was so cute to see Tate make his way down the hill grinning ear to ear.
Randa showing her skills she pretended she didnt have. She looked good while doing it also. I was so proud of both she and Chea for skiing. I dont have a pic of Chea but she was there and tore it up also.

I did not have my camera so Jared was kind enough to give me a copy of the pictures he had.