Saturday, June 28, 2008

The newest member of our Family

This is Bosco. He is 3 years old and is a great dog. Tate has been asking for Daisy to wake up so I thought we could give having a dog another go. Thanks Roits for letting us know about him. He is so mellow and for my kids sake I could not be happier!!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Who takes there kids to Target at 10 pm? Ty would not put her shirt down and Tate was throwing some signs. Why fight it. I know I am not scheduled enough and need to not embrace the white trash appearance. I worked hard to get Tylees hair looking that good. I had to laugh at her so I posted them for posterity sake!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lake Powell

So I know Ty turned 2 over a month ago and I have not updated since then. I was needing the break from just about everything and I finally got it. Other than our recent trip to Lake Powell we have just been hanging out doing the usual swimming and playing at home. We were invited by Jared and Randa to go to Powell for the week. They have an amazing houseboat that easily accommodated all 20 of us. We headed up last Sunday the 15Th to get the boat all loaded and do the final shopping for groceries that we needed. I was so excited to go! I have been to Powell 2 other times and loved every second of both of those trips. So Mon morning I think by 630 we were on the lake. We parked in Last Chance Bay which was about a 3 hour ride on the houseboat. I was like a kid in a candy store!! I absolutely love the entire lake experience! Wayne and Chea and their girls came as well. We had so much fun spending time with them and enjoying their amazing ability to tear it up in the kitchen. We ate like royalty thats for sure. I think we all are going to have to take it easy to fit in our clothes now. Tate thought it was so fun to drive the boat and honk at everyone! It was fun to see how excited he was for this experience. He had never been on a boat before this . I missed my girls alot though. I know B would have had fun but she got to go to San Diego with her other family.

Every night for dinner we had a theme to what we were eating as well as the music and decor. Randa went all out with it and made it fun for all of us. We had Italian night, Mexican, cowboy and Hawaiian night. Unfortunately I forgot to get pics of every night. There are so many highlights that unless this is going to be a book I cant add. We had the greatest week spent with good friends. We laughed so much and had so much fun.

Tate was wiped out every day. He fell asleep randomly every day. It must be a tough job wake boarding and holding on in the tube. Jared was kind enough to wake board with Tate. He thought it was so fun and has been telling every one that he wafe boarded. He was in heaven all week long.

Aren't Chad and Wayne a cute couple. lol I made them take this pic! Jared is full of knowledge and showed us the ins and outs of the lake. We went to see Rainbow Bridge and we also hiked up Hole In the Rock. It was hard to picture the pioneers coming down this little crevice that they had made with explosives. We saw some ancient Indian ruins and tons more. As much as I tease Jared I liked the tour and all of the info that goes along with it.
On Thurs night we had a talent show that was hilarious. I made myself sick about it for 2 weeks trying to come up with a talent. I know sad that I had to think that hard and still didn't come up with anything. It was hilarious! My stomach ached the next day from laughing so hard. Wayne was awesome, or should I say uncle Cletis. I think the hula hoop laugh out of Eli was my favorite.
We are so grateful to have such good friends in the Larson and Lamb families. Its not every day that you find friends that you love to be around that uplift you and help you continue in the right direction as a family. We thoroughly enjoy spending time with them and are so fortunate to be blessed to do so. Thanks so much for everything we had a blast. The best vacation ever!!!!! There is so much to say but for the most part you just had to be there. Michelle and Rick and my parents were so kind to keep Ty for us. It would have not been worth going if I had her busy body with us. Love you though Ty, maybe next year:)