Wednesday, June 17, 2009

HERE WE COME........

Great entertainment
Great Scenery

Good Times

and the MOST AWESOME friends anyone could ask for . LP for 10 days I cant think of anything better!

Happy Bday to Me

When I walked in from camp at 215 am, due to my car not starting I found this on my counter. Honestly Chad you continue to out do himself. I have no clue how to use it but I cant wait to learn. So here's to no more horrible pictures I hope. Who knows it could have just been the operator, not the camera:) Thanks Chad and I love you and am so blessed to have you as my best friend. Thanks for loving me even when it seems impossible.

Girls Camp

Super Model of the Believers
I had the opportunity of being ask to help out at our stake girls camp this year. It was up at Camp Lomia in Pine. I was a bit nervous when I was asked to help because I was unsure of what exactly my role was. They asked me to be in charge of the hikes and the Bishops Challenge which they consider to go along with my stake athletic calling. With much thought and prayer I was able to get a handle of what was needed from me. Even though I could have passed on this calling due to being in scouts as well I am so glad I didn't. I am certain it was every bit as rewarding for me as it was the girls. I do not remember much at all about my camp experiences when I was a girl, but these memories now are cemented! I loved every minute of being there. The weather was amazing. It was a tad chilly at night but I ended up going to the cabin so the cold didn't bother me a bit. Apparently Brook and Randa were not to bothered by the cold either. Saturday was my big day. All of the bishops from the wards came up to compete against the other wards. It turned out great and I had prepared for just about every hitch I could possibly think of. It was a little stressful getting it all set up and ready but with help from Bro. Crookston and Lewis it came together and was a success in my book. I have to say a huge THANKS to Summer for helping me get these signs put together. It took me till the last minute to get them done and I am grateful she was willing to help me buckle down. She is so creative and good at this stuff! Thanks to Chad who is dad of the year and didn't complain about keeping the kids as I worked at getting this done and while I was gone. Mom you were also so helpful and made me realize I could actually do this and it would be good. Amber kept my kids on Thurs as well and that was much appreciated. I am so lucky to have the family and support system that I do.Watermelon Hunt and Seed spitting contest-
Sat night was skit night. The stake staff had a skit written by Brooke that was so funny. I was asked to be barbie in this skit and was so not sure I could do it. I'm typically not a dresser upper but Amanda Crookston brought some nice dresses to choose from and some hot pink pumps that were about 2 sizes to small. All I could think of is how proud Megan would be of me:) Anyhow it was seriously funny and Randa and I had so much fun laughing at ourselves. I had to practice trying to talk a little higher so I didn't sound like a Ken barbie. These were the cook barbies.
These girls were the camping barbies. Every time I think of them trying to do the actions with heir stiff arms, to the song sing out your glory, glory I start laughing. These were the Malibu Barbies, and were hilarious as well.Dancing Kens- they were the hit for sure. These were the cooks for the weekend and aren't I so grateful they were there. It didn't seem to far from home when I could go to the back door and get a soda in a styrofoam cup:)Here are Randa and I after our big debut in a Brooke Tuttle original. I learned that sometimes being out of my comfort zone isn't always so scary. It was actually fun and memories were made by doing so. I am forever grateful I was able to be up there at camp. I have come away from it feeling like I want to try harder and be better in all I do. I hope the girls walked away feeling as edified and uplifted as I did. Till next year I HOPE...........................

Friday, June 5, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Team CDC- Jared and Ben Larson, Eric Hoopes, Chad and Reed Cummard, Rich Edwards, Wayne Lamb, David and Brad , and Willie and Keith Burton.This year we went to Show Low for the annual ball tourney. I must say that going up there for ball has been something that I have been a part of as far back as I can remember. Growing up I always had my Bday up there while my dad was playing. I love and cherish those memories and all the fun times we had watching my dad and friends play ball. I will admit that as Chad and I have been married the years we didn't go up, I missed it. Needless to say when Chad decided to put a team in I was stoked. What more could you ask for family, friends, good weather and playing ball. They compiled a pretty good team of family and friends. There were 4 sets of brothers which I thought was pretty cool. They all seemed to have fun and ended up taking 2ND. They were the only team with a cheer squad so loud people were really annoyed by us. We all had a blast and with as many kids as were there we made quite the ruckus. I had never before seen the wave done at a softball game. The kids made team shirt and were so into it. Honestly my hands were so sore from clapping. I loved every minute of it even if the opposing teams did not:) It was Wayne's bday on Sunday so we barbqued and celebrated with him. Chad was the official cook and I must say that my steak might have been one of the best ever. Wayne is one of the greatest people I know. He is more genuine and caring than just about anyone. He is always happy( well when he is not having a Walgreen's moment) I appreciate his friendship and how kind he is to our family. My kids love him and are always hugging on him. We are blessed to have such an amazing friend! Enough about that just documenting how fortunate we are to have great friends.I didn't believe Wayne could do a back bend so he proved me wrong. Very impressive.On Sunday Shane and Meredith invited us to come have dinner at their cabin. Can I just tell you it was like Thanksgiving. The options were many and I needed 2 plates. Jeff and Melissa Lee stayed with them and cooked up some good food. I think their were probably 50 of us there and it didn't seem like we even made a dent in the food. We had a blast just sitting around and talking. Its never dull with that crowd. Todd Garrett and his family were also there and he kept us laughing the entire time. Again we really are so fortunate to have such great friends and family. We hung out there most of the day on Sunday just chilled. The weather was awesome. I love how when it storms up there it is so loud. We really had the best of both worlds with the weather. It rained a little but never while the boys were playing ball.
The kids and I are already looking forward to the next time. It may take a few months of recovery time for all the old men to heal from their injuries:)

Mays Happenings

Tate finished pre-school with Mrs Jones and they had a cute little presentation for the parents. Tate enjoyed school and has told me his misses the friends that he made. Chad and I were impressed because he actually sang the songs and knew the words. He isn't always the most forth coming with what he learned so it was good to see it put to work.

Check him out in this pic. He was getting into it and really singing. To Cute!All the extra curricular are through for now and I could not be happier. As a mom its tiring to not have one free night in almost 3 months. I think the summer is as much for the parents as it is the kids:)

We have finished out Brooklyn and Tates ball seasons. Eric had our end of the season party at his house and we all had a blast. They were kind enough to all sign a ball and give it to me for helping out. B finished out this year of dance at Kelli's studio called Club Dance. She does such a good job dancing and its fun to see her do so well. She did perfect at her recital and made me proud.

Yet again she finished the school year strong. She received high honors and made the principals list every quarter. My camera stinks so this picture would not turn out. She is wearing the black and white polka dot shirt. With all of her hard work in piano, school, dance, softball and everything else she is ready for a break this summer!
Here are her 2 biggest fans. Ty was yelling good job Bookin and was so excited when they called her name. We are blessed that B is such a good example when it comes to working hard in school.

Schools out and we can not wait to swim everyday and sleep in:) or wait maybe that's just me that wants to sleep in. I love not having the structure that we keep during the school years. Hooray for summer!!!