Wednesday, September 26, 2007


K so I was just a tad behind on getting Tys one year pics done. I finally got around to doing them and they were worth the wait. She was not the easiest to photograph. My friend Chea Lamb is so talented and did a great job. I think she was sweating by the time we were done becasue she was having to chase Tylee to take these pics. I love that she was able to catch so many faces and expressions of Ty. She is a funny little girl and is normally a ham like her brother, but she would not smile to save her life. Owell she looks like an angel in them. Here are some of them and if I figure out how to do the slide show things then I may add more.

First Day of School

Ya I know I am totally making up for lost time but hey, at least I'm working on it. Brooks is in second grade this year. Her teacher is Mrs. Lowery, and B loves her. She is an excellent student. She is so good about doing her homework and she loves to read. She just got voted student of the month for all of second grade. Good job brooks you are awesome. I love you a ton and I appreciate all your hard work. And no I wont put the sticker on my bumper that says "my child was student of the month at Jack Barnes" sorry Brooks. Tate started preschool at Kellis studio. His teachers name is Mrs. April. She tells me that he sits and behaves. That he listens and is perfect in class. WOW at least he can focus for someone. He is not always sure about wanting to go, but always has fun once he gets there. He has actually learned quite a bit in a short time. Hes gotten good with his colors and can count to 10. I have tried to sit down with him and read books and teach him and he always has something more fun to do. So good job Mrs April you are doing something right. Keep up the hard work kids. I love you both a ton.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Windy City

In June we were able to go to Chicago with our good friends Donald and Angie. We had a blast with them. Chad and Donald met on their missions and have remained close since then. We are blessed to have them as friends. So we left on Friday morning and came home on a Tues. Mom and Dad were kind enough to keep our kids for us. We stayed at a hotel called the Blake. It was really nice, the bed was awesome. We were able to go to the cubs game at Wrigley field which was an awesome experience. Wrigley is a lot different the Chase field here at home. Its cool how its just about the game there. No big jumbo trons and loud music the fans are loud enough. Anyways we shopped and ate and saw some sites, and ate and walked and ate. I felt like we ate a ton. We went to Ditkas restaurant which was a cool place with tons of sports memorabilia. We took a boat tour along the river that was so interesting. There is a ton of amazing architecture there. We went to sears tower and to the United Center to pose with MJ himself. Sunday was my favorite though Chad got his hands on tickets to the play Wicked. It was so good. Donald and Anj had already seen it but were nice enough to go again with us. We went to the movies, got a massage, played cards and basically just thoroughly enjoyed seeing all there was to see and spending time with the Pisciottas. Thanks Chad for all you do so that our family can be blessed with these opportunities. It was so fun to spend time and experience new things with you. We were totally excited to get home and see the kids though.

Us at the United Center posing with MJ.

We took this ourselves, kinda scary

This was on the ferry tour we took. It was awesome!

All the shopping wore Chad out. The magnificent mile was awesome.

Daisy Duke

Today was kind of a shocker!!! As Chad was leaving this morning he went in the back yard and Daisy was dead. She was just laying in the middle of the yard hard as a rock. She was such a seemingly healthy dog. She was fun and a good dog. We got her from a friend of ours when she was 2. She was a perfect match for us. She was already trained and great with our family. She loved the kids and loved to play ball with anyone who would throw it to her. She was such a good looking dog to. I loved knowing that she was out there because she was protective of our family. She watched out for the kids and I. Chad and Tate ended up burrying her in the back. Tate wanted to help out. He has been full of questions about her dying and if she is coming back from heaven after she gets better. He keeps saying how he loves to play with her. Poor boy he really does love her. Breaks my heart to lose her. We love you Daisy Duke as Tate would say.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Rocky Point

Ok well I am kinda playing catch up on this summers events. I have decided that I want to document what we have done in the past, until present time. Anyways the end of July we were able to go to Rocky Point to stay at Karls condo. Chad wasnt able to get the time off of work so my parents decided to go with the kids and I. It wasnt like I had to twist their arms to go and help me out with the kids. We had so much fun. First off the condo is so nice. The place is called Las Palomas. They have so many fun pools and a lazy river, a slide and just tons for the kids to enjoy. Not to metion that 50 yards away you are on the beach. We just swam and played the entire time we were there. The kids slept so well since we didnt stop during the day. I have the best parents anyone could ask for. They love their grandkids so much. My kids had so much fun with them being there. In the afternoon dad would go up to the condo and do some work and let Tylee take a nap, and give me a break. At night mostly mom, but we cooked dinner and ate and watched a movie. It was so relaxing and a ton of fun. Thanks mom and dad for going with us and making our trip so fun. The only thing that could have made it better is if Chad could have been with us.

This is Ty and her Papa after a walk on the beach.

Brooks taking a rest. Is there a more beautiful little girl. Check out those red lips.

Thanks for the awesome water socks mom. We could see him from a mile away!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tates a Bruiser

K everyone knows my little Tate is all boy. Seriously he bounces off the walls always. I was feeling pretty luck that we had made it 3 years and not had any serious injuries. I think that I jinxed us because in a matter of the last 6 weeks we have now had a broken elbow and stitches. He is one tuff cookie though and after the initial pain the cast and stitches dont seem to slow him down at all. He now has his cast off but was always worried about keeping it clean and dry. He would smell it multiple times a day and let me know that it was not stinky. He had the cast on for 5 weeks and was so good with it. It healed perfect and he seems to not be complaining to much of it being sore. We got home Sun. evening from the family reunion and Tate was out with Chad in the garage. The were working on getting his and Brooklyns bike tires aired up. They went next door to borrow the air compressor from the Kerbys. Next thing I knew Chad brought him in with Chads shirt wrapped around Tates hand. He set him on the counter and asked me how bad it was. It was one of those cuts where I was 100% sure he needed stitches. We wrapped it up and sent them on their way to Urgent Care. The same one we had just visited for his arm. Hopefully they dont think we are beating him. I had to wait a few minutes for Sonny and Sandi to come over and then I headed over there. When I got there they had just finished numbing it. Poor Chad and Tate were both in tears. Chad is so tender hearted towards Tate and I know that killed him to have to hold him down while they did that. So 6 stitches later we were out the door. Hopefully we are done for a while.