Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy 30th Bday Sis

It started in California in our humble abode,
You became my big sister, you were in for a long hard road,
I remember you loving me even when I was small,
You were kind and patient and began lifting me when Id fall,
As we grew older, oh those bed sharing days
I started to annoy you in so many little sister ways
I needed you to warm my cold little feet at night
So they would wander and find your back warm to my delight,
I cherish the memories the fighting, the unfair games played
Whatever Laura touches is stinky and shes always it, that's just the way it was made
Growing up beside you, having an amazing sister and a best friend
Leaves me knowing God loves me, your my angel here while on his lend,
You never wavered and were an example to me, so true
As I faltered and struggled your loving heart helped me through
I continue to watch your integrity and Christlike ways
Your ability to love me continues unphased
If I only become a fraction of the mother and sister, the wife that you are
I will walk away happy knowing that I have come that far
At times I have not been very easy to understand
Not once have you given up, continually you reach for my hand
He gave me you for a sister, I'm so grateful and blessed
He knew I would need you to carry me through, so he sent one of his best
I love you Michelle you have always amazed me through and through
I can not imagine growing up with out being your little Lodie Lou
Oh how I wish we still had those little outfits. I still to this day love those things. I'm not sure if it was the buttons or just because I matched you.
I wanted to wish you a Happy Bday and tell you I love you. Thanks for being a perfect sister for me! You have more good qualities than just about anyone I know. There isn't anything that you aren't good at if you put your mind to it. How can one person be so smart, beautiful, athletic, fun, Christlike, loving, happy, great mom and wife, creative, and most important just genuinely have a great heart. You are awesome and I'm glad I grew up watching and seeing all that you are. I fall short always but continue to strive to be like you. I may need a few lifetimes to get there :)
David seriously if you read this, I'm glad you got some meat one those bones. I am not sure how you didnt snap those bird legs in half. I have laughed every time Ive seen this picture for the last 30 min.
Really mom did you have to let us wear bows the size of our heads?

Love you sissy!!!! I know this is a tad cheesy but its five AM and I am yet to make it to sleep. When Chad is out of town I cant find slumberville! Plus I felt like writing you a love poem:)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tates Party

We had a blast being home and doing Tate's favorite things for his Bday party. When I asked him what he wanted to do for his day he said he wanted to just have everyone come and ride the track with him. He also told me he would like a pinata but those were his only request. It made it pretty easy for us and I think everyone had a great time. We ordered Subway and everyone was kind enough to bring a side to share. Sonny made his infamous home made ice cream and Tate picked out his cake. He is totally in to the baseball thing so he jumped all over the baseball cake.

Everyone was so kind and brought him such fun gifts. Like he really needed any more toys, heck we are still opening things from Christmas. He was excited to get a few different dart guns and has big plans for all of us to have a war. Thanks everyone for being so thoughtful. We sure appreciate and love you guys.

Happy Valentines Day

Chad got these flowers for me for V-Day. I was quite shocked and pleasantly surprised. They are the 1st flowers he has gotten me in 6 years. Now to his defence I'm a little practical and flowers are beautiful, but they die. So I have always told him I would rather the money to go buy a shirt or something. To me it has always seemed like a waste, but it being so unusual that I get them I found myself loving them. They made me smile! They are awesome and the vase is so cute. So thank you Chad for ignoring my practicality and surprising me. I love them and I love you!

I swear we BRUSH

We have been seeing a lot of the dentist lately. That really isn't unusual being that I have the worst teeth known to man. I have always had bad teeth and from an early age I can remember having the worst anxiety about having to go to the dentist. I love Dr. Wallin and all but man I do not enjoy having to have my teeth worked on. My poor kids have inherited my teeth as well as my love for sugar. I mean come on, water is just not that tasty. We always have juice for them to drink. I now realize that I am not helping their teeth issues. I took Tate for a cleaning because he was due and also he had been complaining about his tooth hurting. Dr. Wallin looked at his Xrays and figured I would be better off taking him to a pediatric dentist. So off we went to Dr. Johnsons office to figure out the best treatment plan for T. It came down to 4 root canals, 4 crowns and 4 fillings on the top. Nice huh, they kept saying we can tell he brushes because there is no plack, but all the juice has killed his teeth. So I scheduled for T to go in the following week for the procedure. They figured it was best to put him out, which I was happy to pay the 200 dollars for. He handled it like a champ and LOVES Dr. Johnson. His office is amazing and so much fun. I am hoping that he is set for many years now after all that work. Are these not the greatest looking teeth:) Nice and silver!
Here is was after we got home from having his work done. Ty was kicking him trying to wake him up. He was in and out for a good portion of the day.

I was glad to see that when he smiles normal, the bling is not seen. I'm hoping that we wont see the dentist till their next cleanings. Brooks by the way didn't have any work that needed to be done. That's a 1st for her. Usually she has multiple cavities. Her dental history is horrible too. 5 dentist appts in 2 weeks is more than I cared for. So keep on brushing kiddos and I am cutting back on the amount of juice they are allowed to drink.
Chad I'm sorry you have to pay for all of our dental mess! They poor guy was blind sided when we got married. I should have told him he needed to plan on paying as much for our dental bills as he does for electricity. That really isn't to far off from the truth. At least he doesn't have to worry about his own teeth, I don't even think he has ever had a cavity. Just wait until the ortho bills start coming in :) Good times!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Bday Tater

Today is Tate's 5Th Bday. Time flies that is for certain. It doesnt seem to awfully long ago that we were so excited to be having our boy. We knew from the moment we found out he was a boy that he would be named Tate David. Chad thought it had a good athletic ring to it. You know that my son will be a great athlete syndrome that most dads have. Being pregnant with him was actually bearable compared to the other 2. I was able to work until 2 days before I had him. He weighed 8.5 and was 21 inches long and was my smallest baby. Tate was and has always been so happy. He is so rough and tough but has the sweetest side to him as well. He is thoughtful and considerate to everyone. He loves his family so much and is so good at giving loves and saying I love you. Tate's favorite thing to do is to be outside. He loves to ride his quad and bike. He is very coordinated at those types of things. He absolutely loves to play the game of memory and wins almost every time, even when I really am trying. He is quite competitive and so I am sure he enjoys kicking my butt all the time. Tate also loves to play with his cousins and is continually working on digging his hole to China with them. Basically anything that he ends up dirty hes a big fan of.

He is always smiling and making myself and others happy. I am so blessed to be his mom and enjoy being around him. He makes me happy and I love to see his fun personality. He is our big helper and always wants to help us do anything and everything, even pick up the dog poop! He loves his sisters and is constantly teasing them. I guess that's what brothers are supposed to do right?

With all the dirt he sure cleans up well. He loves to tell me exactly how he wants his hair combed, mostly he prefers the Faux-hawk. He insists on wearing some of Chads cologne if we are heading anywhere he has to be cleaned up for. Everyone says that he is a spitting image of Chad. I am not entirely convinced. I see quite a bit of me as a baby in him as well. Chad and I both had that white hair so maybe that's what it is.

I had a few other pics that show Tate in all of his fun aspects but I will have to add them later. I can not get them To upload right now. I just wanted to get this post done to tell T Happy Bday. Buddy, I love you so much and am so glad that I am blessed to be your mom. You make me smile and I could not ask for a better list of qualities you possess. Keep being my love bug and such a good kid. Thanks for keeping things interesting around here. Love you little man.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

I had to laugh when I got the email from Jen telling me she nominated yours truly for this award. I guess because I don't think of myself as very Kreativ. Nonetheless I think it is truly thoughtful of her to pick me. Thanks Jen for even reading what goes on in this mad house we call home. Its wild and crazy and I wouldn't change a thing. I am supposed to state 7 things that I love and appreciate.

1. First and foremost I love my family. Not just my husband and children but both Chads family and mine are almost to good to be true. I don't know many who can say that honestly. We are fortunate to all be close in age and close in proximity. The closeness in age allows us to all be doing the same things. Our kids are all pretty close in ages and love to spend time with one another. I love my husband and children more than they know. I'm not always easy to love but they seem to not waiver. Thanks to them for making me truly happy.

2. I also love being a member of the LDS church. I do not always do everything perfectly as I have been taught, but I continually try! There is hope, love, forgiveness, guidance, peace and most importantly Eternity. How blessed I have been in my life to have a Savior who loves unconditionally. Without that knowledge life to me would feel hopeless.

3. I love the outdoors. I wait impatiently for the summers to roll around so we can swim and soak up the sun. With summer time comes amazing vacations, the beach, a tan and Lake Powell are on my mind for months. It also bring softball tournaments which are a favorite of mine as well. There are not to many things that can top being in Showlow for ball tourneys. I cant forget that playing softball is a love of mine also. Even when I cant hit the ball, like right now I still look forward to it every week.

4. I love living in the QC and having space around us to enjoy. Part of the outdoors in our family is riding quads, bikes, scooters and the rhino. Our location allows us those freedoms to do so in our own backyard. I feel safe and very content in our humble abode. Our ward and friends are exceptional and that makes it even better. I love as I am driving down the newly refurbished Ellsworth road that I can see green for miles and plenty of farm animals to boot. That does my heart good for some reason. Its the Snowflake coming out in me.

5. I love the nights when my house is quiet, I mean real quiet. I am able to have my time to veg or watch shows or read a good book. I am a much better mom when I have that peace at night. I suppose that is probably why I am never to bed before midnight. Its my time and I cherish it!!!

6. I cant get enough of a clean house. Lately I have started using liquid fabric softener and something about the smell makes me happy. Accomplishing tasks that have been daunting me for months make me feel like a million bucks. Getting rid of the clutter does my heart good. It is such a chore but when I am done the hard work pays off.

7. I love fresh air. I always want the windows open and the outside air blowing through the house. Even when I am driving I love to have the windows down. Its exhilarating! It reminds me of how blessed we are to have a free country to live in and also all that we are blessed to see, hear and smell. America is a wonderful place and I am proud to be an American.

So now I nominate 3 others for this award as well. They are Janae Burkinshaw, Michelle Randall and Julie Butler, maybe this will make her update her blog:)

Our Little Family

I absolutely love these pictures of Ty!!! She looks so sweet.PreciousSara took pics of the entire Cutchen family. Its quite a chore to get 13 little kids to perform. The last time we all had a picture taken together was at Chad and I's wedding. Crazy what can be accomplished in 6 years. Go team Cutchen!!!!!

Problem.... Solution

This is my biggest problem of late. Seriously can you see the 12in. at most that is left for me to slumber in. I can not keep this girl out of my bed. Chad loves to cuddle with her at night and so she thinks she has a "spot" in my bed. If I am to far in the middle of our bed, she has no problem telling me " hey that's my spot". Come on seriously, who does she think she is? She knows she has us wrapped around her little nubby finger nails:) I decided it was time to take action.

Here is the solution to our problem!! We took the crib out of her room finally and got her a BIG GIRL bed. And guess what, she slept in it with no problems. Now I'm not going to go as far as to say she never got up. She did but only because Tate was crying and woke everyone in the entire house up. She gladly walked right back in her room when asked and fell back to sleep. Now for paint and decor. All in due time right. I'm still waiting to get time without my children to go shopping for drapes for my living room. I am totally happy with the 10 year plan. If by year 10 I have everything done in my house that I have envisioned I will be feeling pretty good about myself. So I have 5 more years and that allows me to not stress out about this decorating crap that I am SO indecisive about. Bless Chads Heart!!!