Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rocky Point

This last weekend for moms bday she wanted everyone to go down to Rocky Point. Seems to me that was more of a gift for us than for her. Unfortunately David and Staci were not able to come and we surely missed them. Honestly Karls condo is phenomenal. I cant even describe how amazing the place is. It is 5000 ft. and first class all the way. There are 5 rooms all equipped with their own bathrooms. It is on the corner of the building and so the view from the main room and kitchen are stunning. You can see the ocean every way you look. Enough of how amazing his place is but its hard to believe your in Mexico when staying in a place so nice. Here are the kids waiting not so patiently to get down to business. We go there about 3 on Friday afternoon and they could hardly wait for us to un pack so we could get out to the pools.This was the room Chad and I stayed in. The bed was so comfy and it was even more perfect because it was the only room without a balcony. If it were just Chad and I we would have loved to have one but with Ty and Tate it would have made me to nervous. She is an escape artist, locked doors do not stop her!! Every room has a big plasma TV in it and Chad was stoked to be able to not miss to many of the games. He may have gone through withdrawls if we didn't have that available :) B loves the beach and always has. She didn't even flinch with the water being chilly and was in heaven riding the waves. It was so fun to see her in her element. It was plain to see as her smile was ear to ear that she was loving it. Ty was not so sure about the water and the waves made her nervous. She would start to walk out there and then a wave would come and she would scream and run back. I'm sure she had just as much fun digging in the sand and making castles. After we got cold at the beach we would head up to the pools which are heated. They all had so much fun and we played hard from morning till evening every day.

Brooklyn was so sweet to the younger girls and played alot with them. They just adore her and want to hang out with her all the time. The lazy river was a tad chilly but she was more than willing to put them on the raft and watch after them.

Chad pontificating what he should order for lunch.

I snuck a picture of dad taking a nap. I think the kids wore him out. He was so good about staying back at house when the babies needed to take naps. He is such a good Gpa and loves his grand kids so much. We are fortunate to have a grandpa that is head over heels for his grand kids. Yes my mom was also on this trip but she doesn't love pics so I didn't get many with her in them. She is a fish just like the kids and loves to have her kids to swim with her.

Ty was sick of me taking pictures and this is the face I got more than half the trip when I said say cheese. She honestly makes me laugh with all of her spunk.

B collected so many sea shells and washed them multiple times. She and Chad went out on a walk on Sunday morning and came home with the biggest shell I have ever seen. She ended up dropping it on the kitchen floor and it broke. For the most part I was able to salvage it with a liltte super glue.

The kids were wiped out every night and slept quite well. With the kids going to bed early the adults spent many hours playing games. The doors out to the balcony slide entirely open and so we enjoyed playing games and listening to the waves. Seriously does it get much better?

This was on Monday right before we left. I wasn't ready to leave yet. The beach and swimming along with awesome weather made for a perfect vacation for me. They kids had a blast and I was so happy to escape the daily grind for a few days. I was so glad that our cell phones didn't work. When you are down there it forces you to relax. We just swam and played until our hearts were content. It was so good for me to spend time With Chad and the kids without feeling like I have a million things that I needed to get done. Thanks Mom and Dad for setting the trip up. You guys are the worlds best grandparents and our kids are so fortunate to have you both. As always mom made sure we ate great food and we didn't go hungry. Ricky and Chad also cooked quite a bit. I love spending time with family and I love that the kids are each others best friends. Just another one of my many blessings I have to be grateful for!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Finally

We had plenty of Easter fun this year that's for sure. On Thurs we started off with an egg hunt next door at the Kerby's. This year Ty actually understood the point to the egg hunt. She was so excited to find them. Amber got them all sand pails to decorate and use to put their treasures in. We had so much fun kicking off the Easter weekend with Julie and Amber. Amber is always thoughtful when it comes to inviting us over for the fun activities she plans for her day care kids.Then on Friday we followed tradition and had our 1st swim of the year at mom and dads house. My kids always know come Easter weekend that they get to swim. I love seeing them in all of their cute suits and in sheer Heaven. After mom got them all UV resistant we had a blast. I swear mom was out there getting them all lubed up for 30min. Its quite a task when there are 10 of them. I'm not sure what us moms were doing inside but Gma took care of business like she always does. The spa was warmed up for those of us who are sane and didn't feel like swimming in 65 degree water. The bigger kids didn't seem to skip a beat and jumped right on into the chilly water. They were going crazy off the diving board and having a ball regardless of how cold the water was. Ty thought she would be brave and jumped in the big pool also. I have never seen her kick so hard to get back to the side. I'm not sure she realized what she was in for. Needless to say she decided to let the big kids do their own thing:) While we took a lunch break they colored a million eggs. They drew on them, stickered them and took time creating their own masterpieces. I love hard boiled eggs but man I am still trying to finish off the ones my kids made. After some more swimming it was off to hunt eggs. As if we needed anymore candy. I love Easter candy and start buying it the second it gets to the stores. Pretty much the day after Valentines. I am pretty certain there is nothing better than the Cadbury Mini eggs. Maybe next year we need to throw in some cash eggs.
They were all pleased with their findings and I'm sure will need dental work for it. We headed home that night a little early because both kids had ball games. I know they shouldn't be swimming on game day;) I remember my coach growing up saying that and I always thought it was funny.
Thankfully the Easter Bunny put some fun toys in their baskets and hardly any candy. The bunny hid all their baskets and they had so much fun tracking them down. I think they were more excited to get up for Easter morning than Christmas. Once they had all retrieved their baskets we had to hustle and get ready for church. As much fun as all the festivities are they are only a way to help us remember Christ death and resurrection. We had a brief talk on what Easter is about and off we went to church. I loved coming home and hearing each of them tell me what they learned about in primary. Tate told me how sad it was that people would do that to Jesus. I think its so awesome how as parents we have the church and our wards to help us teach our children. Without the guidance of the gospel it would be extremely hard to teach our families. I am so fortunate to have the many blessings that I do. I am grateful for my family, the gospel and this free country to live in. But most importantly I am grateful for the atonement. I realize it is through this sacrifice that we have all that we do. I mean without the opportunity to repent and better myself, eternal life would not be possible. There is not a day that goes by that I do not recognize just how blessed I am. I want my kids to know that the only way to truly be happy is to follow the teachings of our Heavenly Father. At times its not always easy but the alternative is much harder.

By the time the girls and I got home from church the boys had already changed out of their Easter outfits. I wanted a picture either way so here are just us girls. It was so fun to have B home this year for Easter. It felt complete unlike last year. We finished the day up with chicken in the dirt at Kyle and Linda's house. Also some hand cranked home made ice cream, just like it was done when grandpa was alive. We always have a good time and enjoy seeing members of Chads family that we don't see very often. From there it was off to my parents for some more dinner. It was a busy day but was definitely a great one!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

This and That

Painting Blocks for an orphanage.
Ty didnt think she wanted to boil and hunt these eggs, so she had her own fun with them on the back porch.

Not so sure Boss would have loved his protein water:)

Hula Baby

The Larson's went to Hawaii and were so kind to bring us all a treat back. This was Tylees gift and she has had a blast with it since. She wants it on at least once a day and I am more than willing to dress her in it. It brings a smile to my face, especially because she does this little hula move when she wears it. She is so much fun and has the spunkiest personality.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Tate's Pet Parade

At Tate's preschool they had a pet parade. It was cute Mrs. Jones played music and they marched around with their real and pretend pets. Tate asked me to bring Boss and I decided against it. When we were at the vet I was holding his leash and a female boxer came out of the back. I had flip flops on and my feet kept sliding and I could hardly stop him. He is 80 pounds of muscle. He wouldn't hurt anyone but tends to make people nervous, esp. kids. T was OK with that answer and took his dog we had just made at build-a-bear. Brecken brought this mini horse named Fancy Britches. All the kids took a spin on her and had a blast. Tate has learned a ton during his time at pre school. He has a ton of fun and talks about his buddies at school often. Im just praying he will like kindergarten as well. I cant believe its already that time to make sure shots are done and he is registered. I have very mixed feelings about him starting. I'm just praying for half day to be an option. I am sort of feeling strange about only having one kid at home next year. I can only imagine how much I will be able to get done.