Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To be BIG.......

Ty is totally obsessed with wanting to be big now. Everything she does she will try herself 1st and will only ask for help after she has given it a good effort. She loves B and is constantly pointing out things that are similar. Example, if she wears a shirt that is like Brooklyn's she will proudly announce it to me. Nails is just one of the many things Ty wants to be big about. She keeps me busy touching them up as the chip away. Sadly enough she has been biting her nails of late. For anyone who knows me well enough knows that was one of my worst habits growing up. I always hid my hands and was insecure about my disgusting looking nails. So you can understand my panic as my baby is taking on a habit that was a huge negative for me. Look at these nubs!!
So the only polish for her now is this. As of the last 2 days she gags when she starts to bite them. She will come run and tell me she needs a drink! I am hoping for good results and normal nails:)

This and That

It seems as though I have not had time to do anything but the absolute must, so blogging has been on the back burner. Yes some of the hustle and bustle is my choice but not most of it. We are so busy!!!! I need to be better about documenting all the little things that happen on a daily basis. Heaven knows I wont be able to remember them down the road. Heck I can hardly remember my name. Those of you that knew Tate when he was 2 and 3 know that I couldn't sit down without finding something he had gotten into. For the most part he has since past that naughty phase and can be trusted to behave. That's not to say that he is not a million miles an hour. He expects to be able to play, ride his bike, dig in the dirt and make mud, ride his quad all before lunch. Then he has some grand ideas for the afternoon. If we don't spend all day going at mach speed he is just not fulfilled. I can handle the million miles an hour we run as long as I have a few minutes to regroup every now and then. Ty has so willingly filled Tate's 3 year old shoes. How could I have to crazy kids in a row :) On any given day she leaves major messes for me to address. I think just in the last week or so she put chocolate syrup on my bed and floor in my room, painted her nails and about half of my slate flooring in the bathroom. She has gotten into my make-up and done wonders with that. I could go on but the worst incident was for sure the entire can of spray wax she sprayed in her hair. When she came out of my bathroom I was thinking there went 12 dollars down the drain. I didn't realize it was going to take about 14 washes and 4 different types of soap or detergents to get it out. When used in moderation it washes right out but when concentrated, well I need not explain further than having to wash her hair 14 times. Can you see the clumps of white?This was after about 5 washings still sticking straight up. I guess I should be glad the product used wasn't along the lines of " Something about Mary" .
Hey at least she is cute! I am praying this stage will be short lived and I can start to relax a little. Some may think well, what in the world are you doing while she is wreaking havoc. Being a mom we are expected to accomplish alot throughout the day. She seems to know when I am the most occupied with the other kids, work, laundry, cleaning etc. etc! Its like a talent of hers to hold off until she knows she has 5 min. Than she goes in the furthest room from me and unleashes. Ok enough about Brutus and her naughty antics, yes her name around here is Brutus! Just wish me luck!

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Years in Vegas

The Pisciottas never disappoint. Really we had so much fun this new years and are thinking this just may be the start of a new tradition. We had 4 fun filled nights of games, friends and laughs. I had to document this pic of Chad in the kitchen apron and all. Ive never seen this side of him before. I wasn't sure whether I should laugh but I was glad at least he wanted to help.

Rock Band was a constant. B was into it. Ty thought it was great to sit and soak it all in with Chloe. These 2 played all week and Ty loved every minute of being Chloe's puppet.
I cant keep her dressed EVER. I guess it caught me off guard when I found her down stairs in her birthday suit. I am quickly learning that nothing with Ty should surprise me these days. Heaven help me!!!!!!!!

We swam, jumped forwards and backwards till their hearts were content. We are all ready for summer!

There was no shortage of kids at any given moment. We partied hard :)

We ate till our hearts were content and my pants tighter. We always do. Angie is the best Italian cook ever. She has to live up to her last name.
Played some serious cards. Won some cash!!!!

Played to the point of sheer exhaustion! What a treat to have the kids actually be asleep when we got home from going out. A big thanks to Tyler for babysitting both weekend nights.
Thanks Donald and Angie. We always have fun. Its so awesome to have friends that have been and will always be a huge part of our family. We love you guys!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Temple Lights

I am playing the catch up came with blogging. I'm always a bit behind but the Holidays really made it worse. My parents were having a slumber party at their house with all of the grand kids 4 and up and decided we should go see the lights before we happily left our children:) The lights are neat but I think for me they are something that I am ok going to see every few years. I know I am boring but hey its cold and crowded. It was fun and the kids loved it. All of our kids have such great grandparents and the kids would agree. They love to stay with them over night and sing silly songs with grandma. She even braved taking them all to the movie the next day. I wonder how many potty breaks she took during the movie? I can only imagine, but they love their grand kids and are happy to have them around always. Thanks mom and dad. We all love you and are blessed to have you in our lives.