Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hiatt Famiy Reuiun 08

These are the 2 people that started the long legacy that we are blessed to be a part of. I am so blessed to have been raised by a family who get whats important in life. Gma and Gpa love everyone of the little kids and know their names. That is a huge task and I dont even come close to knowing even half. I think we had somewhere around 150 people there. Some of those I had not seen for many years. It was so good to see everyone and visit.

We had a carnival on Sat that my kids thought was great. Every family had a booth and the kids played games and earned treats. My dad got his face painted with Avery. He is such a good gpa!!

Brooks had fun helping out with the bean bag toss. She and Trey played the entire time and I think I only heard from her when she got hungry. I love that she enjoys her cousins. We grew up really close with our cousins and were always having slumber parties and wanting to be together. She is definitely that way with trey and tori.
Leslie and Aubrey.

All Ty cared about was the candy. She kept going around to everyone and getting what they had to offer. I forgot to take a picture of the tent. I knew the kids would love it so Chad bought a tent and sleeping bags for the girls. Tate already had one from Father and Sons. It was fun to sleep out there under the stars. The kids slept awesome and all around we had a good experience. I am so grateful for a big awesome family who make the efforts to stay close. We are so blessed!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


They probably wanted to lock the gates when they saw us walking up with all our kids:)

We went to Seville 3 days this past week. My kids had a ton of fun playing with their cousins. Reed and Kolby are so kind to let us go. Its perfect because there are 2 slides for the older kids and then a little pool with water falls and things that squirt water out. I just put floaties on Ty and she thinks she is a free woman. They have a place to order drinks and food, ice cream you name it. Its just plain heavenly!!!!!

PInetop with the Lambs

Brooks loved every minute of driving until the worker yelled at her for doing an extra lap. She didnt know what the wave of the flag meant and the guy was a total jerk. After the melt down she had we had a blast and played in the arcade and won a million worthless prizes.
We ran to walmart and picked up some socks for all the kids so we could go bowling. We were pretty amused when they all got out of the car with their flip flops and socks.

The weekend before last the kids and I went on a little jaunt up to pinetop. It was just a quick trip but we packed plenty of fun stuff into the 2 days. Jennifer and Madison and Jackson came along to keep us company. I am not sure if they knew what they were getting into coming with us and staying at gma and gpas house up there. We did enjoy having company though. Madison was thinking the cob webs were a nice bonus. I have to say I watched Annie for the first time with the girls and it was awesome. B and Madison were laughing at me because every time I had to get up I paused it. Im not sure how I missed some of these classics but I am slowly catching up.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Flight Deck Cafe

Yesterday morning we had someone come and clean our carpets so I thought "hey we can go to breakfast." We decided on the Flight Deck Cafe which is at the Gateway Airport. Its actually really good food. We saw alot of planes and helicopters coming and going while we ate. Ty would yell "look it" every time one would pass by. Any how as we were almost done Ty started to cry and was making a weird face. I knew she was getting ready to throw up. I cant think of anything worse for someone to have to see while they are trying to eat! I grabbed her and told B to stay put. I ran out of the restaurant and towards the restroom. 2 ft from the door she threw up everywhere. While I was glad it was not in the restaurant, we were so close to making it to the toilet. Which is nasty in and of itself especially because its public. After I managed to get it off of my feet and shoes I tried to clean it as best I could. I felt so bad for the lady who walked in and was dry heaving and also for the sweet lady who cleaned it up. She could tell I was stressing and told me to not even worry about it. She went and got all her supplies and did a much better job than I was. B kept Tate in a respectable manner, so I was told by a man who was eating a table away from us and caught the drift of what was going on. From there my day was steadily a stress mess. Who takes 3 kids school shopping and thinks its going to be a good experience?
I doubt I will do that again for quite some time. Who knows maybe it was just how the morning started that made the shopping so bad. We needless to say headed home and took naps. I love my job of being a mom but at times it takes all I can to not melt down. Thanks B you were an awesome help. I'm sorry that I'm not always the best at keeping an even temperament. I hope its a long time before I am cleaning barf off of any airport floor again :)

Dbacks Again

We went to the game on Sat night courtesy of Jared once again. I don't even know if they won or lost because I think I saw 3 people hit. Last time we took Ty we swore we would not bring her again. What were we thinking. You would think that if you gave her enough treats she would sit still. That was not so. We spent most the time in Baxter's play house. I think we made it to the 7th inning and I was done. Never again with her. Maybe it was my Mt. Dew she was drinking, I'm not sure:)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Bdays and the 4th of July

We went out on Thurs night to Texas Road House for Brad and Summer and Shane's bdays. We had a ton of fun as always. Its nice to have such good friends to spend time with. We followed that up with going to Deseret Book (remember we had David with us). Then to Mesa Fro Yo. I don't think that I have been there since my junior year of high school. It was every bit as tasty as I remembered. Thanks all for the good night. Happy Bday to you guys as well. We spent the 4th having the usual barbeque and swimming at mom and dads. The four of us girls went and got pedicures which David sprung for. Thanks brother! I think I still may be blind from Staci's bright nails but they were cute. I had to add the pedicure party foot picture. I know I am so lame but its kind of like a tradition now:)
After we ate and got ready for the festivities we went to the Urrys house as usual. Its so cool how the fireworks are right above your head back there. They always have a ton of treats for Shane and Lynn's Bdays. Not to mention that the Kennedy's have snow cones and cotton candy. The kids think they died and went to heaven. Tylee wasn't to sure about how loud the fireworks are. When you are that close you can almost feel them. She spent most of the time with her ears covered! This picture of Ty is so typical of her personality. I think that was before she decided to just plug her ears.

Its has been fun to have the Beaudoins join in on our little tradition. Its always a nice addition to have them around.It wouldn't be the same without Scott harassing the kids. Tate loves it though! We have had a good 2 days and the thought that there are 2 more days to this weekend makes me really happy. I have to say that I have always been a little patriotic. I am grateful for our freedom and that we can live the lives that we do. There aren't many other places in this world, if any that have the right to choose as we do. As if we all aren't aware of it, its just another reminder of how BLESSED WE ARE!!!