Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hawaii part 4

As the weather improved we hit the beach and enjoyed soaking up the sun. I will admit that I never got in the water. I am such a wimp when it comes to cold water or just being wet and cold. I was just as happy to sit and watch people and enjoy my surroundings. I love laying out and enjoying the sun when the weather is good. Chad on the other hand snorkeled quite a bit with Jared and saw some cool fish and a turtle.

Bubba GumpsEach night as we finished our daily activities we would go back to the rooms and get cleaned up and head to eat. We ate at a bunch of different places but my favorite was Cheeseburger in Paradise. Not only was the food good but the guy providing the music was awesome. It was just fun sitting up top right next to the ocean and singing along.On Sat after we checked out we drove around were able to see some more amazing places. We drove about half way to Hana and then had to head back to catch our plane. It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It was so lush and green all along the road. It is an extremely windy road but is worth the car sickness. This picture was taken just right along the road. We pulled down a little street and saw this amazing view.

It was an amazing week which I am so lucky to have been able to spend with Chad. I am so glad we were able to experience Hawaii together and feel like we were on our honeymoon all over again. Its amazing what peeling all the stresses of everyday life away can do for a person. It was fun to enjoy Chads company and share this wonderful experience with him. I appreciate all that Chad does for me. He works hard and provides for our family. I appreciate the kindness and love that he shows me. Thanks Chad for making this vacation special for me. I love you! I am also so thankful the Larson's were a part of our vacation. Not only were they great company but they made this trip possible for us. They even sat in the jacuzzi with me almost every night even though they don't love to be cozy in the hot tub with strangers:) Its not everyday that you have friends who make you want to be better people. They are so much fun to be around and I feel like the understand Chad and I. We love you guys and cherish your friendship!

Hawaii part 3

The funny part about this picture is it was take 2 of me trying to swing from a vine like Jane of the jungle. The first attempt ended with the vine ripping off the tree and me on my face in the dirt. So for my 2nd attempt I picked a much thicker vine and gave it a test run before I started swinging. Maybe you had to be there but I am laughing as I type this. Could I look any more pale standing next to Mrs. Hawaiian Tropic:)

I could not get past how lush and green everything is . It was so cool as I looked down over the edge of the road as we were driving along to just see all green tree tops. This bridge was so cool and had a beautiful stream that ran under it. It was even better because right across the street from it was a pineapple stand and for 2 bucks I had the best pineapple I had ever tasted.

The later into the week we decided to pack a little more into our days so that we would have the chance to see all that we wanted to. It worked out to our advantage that the Larson's had been to Maui before and knew the neat things to see. We went and found this blow hole that was really cool. I thought it was amazing how you could watch the wave roll in and then you hear the pressure build up and then shortly after water erupts out of the rock. Mother Earth is one amazing creation!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hawaii Part 2

We spent 5 hours on Wed doing a zip line course across a mountain range. There were 7 different zip lines going from the top of one ridge to the next. It was over 3 miles of flying and was so amazing. Not only were the views breathtaking, the feeling of flying was so exhilarating. I would not describe myself as boring but I have never done anything as daring as this and yet it was not scary! The harnesses felt extremely secure and the guys who were working the operation were awesome.

It was pretty windy and rained a tad so it was fairly chilly. You cant see it in the picture below but this was a complete rainbow. You could see where it started and where it ended. I'm certain we could have found the pot of gold if we would have tried:)

Me getting ready to take off. Zippin

This was one of the ridges that we zipped over. We were 650 feet above the ground at one point. That is quite high but yet it was not scary.

There were 11 of us total so some of the time was spent waiting for our turns. The last line that we went on was the longest and fastest. They said we got up to about 40 mph. Chad and Jared decided it was a race and didn't take the proper measures to slow themselves down very well. Chad hit his knee on the brake on the last one but that was the extent of any injuries that occurred while on this crazy adventure.
It was definitely worth every penny and was so neat. If you are ever in Maui I would strongly recommend Flyin Hawaiian.

Hawaii Part 1

Our room was so much more than I even imagined. I was so happy to call it home for 7 days. It had a full kitchen and the bathroom was huge. The bed was cozy as mine at home. It was just icing in the cake. It was so nice getting off the plane and going to our condo. I can barely stand flying but it was worth it I must say. The Larson's room was right next door to ours and that was nice to not have to go far to find their company.

This was our first day there and I was still in shock at how awesome the view was from our room. We were on the tenth floor and looking right out over the ocean. I'm pretty sure that our doors never shut. I slept like a baby for the most part, listening to the ocean all night will do that to me.

I know I am a total dork and love golf. I have not played much since high school but I love the peace and scenery that goes along with golfing. Its quiet and as calm and methodical as you make it. I have to say I felt it was some what of an honor to tag along and see all that Kapalua had to offer. To say it is beautiful is an understatement. Majority of the holes are with the ocean in view. I loved it even with the weather conditions. It was truly amazing!

The guys had to hit over the water for this hole. It was awesome!

I think this last putt may have been for dinner but I will leave who ended up buying a secret:) We didnt have great weather the first few days but it didnt matter. It is just amazing and the scenery is like nothing I have ever witnessed.

Easter 2010

We had a great Easter this year doing all the same traditions from the previous years. Lots of fun coloring eggs and hunting eggs full of treasures. Grandma Cutchen warmed the jacuzzi and we had our first swim of the year as usual. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family. I so grateful my kids will grow up having cousins who are their best friends. I could not ask for a better family and thank my Heavenly Father for them everyday. We had chicken in the dirt and homemade ice cream at Kyle and Linda's again this year. This is a tradition handed down from generations and I think its awesome to keep it alive. The kids think their house is the greatest playground ever. Well it kind of is. They live on a mountain so my kids love to hike to the top and look back at everything. I sure missed having my B not with us on this day. Its never complete without her!

This picture just makes me smile. I'm not sure any 4 year old has her amount of personality!
I think the older I get I appreciate the Atonement and those events that transpired the week leading up to the Saviors death. I'm certain more understanding comes with age but for some reason this year more than ever I just felt so blessed to have a Savior. I know that I am never alone and I know that Jesus has ascended below any other person and suffered for me for my family and for you. I know that it is through His example and our faith in the perfect plan that we can fully utilize the amazing gift that we have all been given. I didn't earn it, if anything I have done the opposite but its a gift and its one I am thankful for on a daily basis. I can not think of a more amazing offering than to be able to repent and better myself continually. It is only through Gods grace that we can be made whole. I am BLESSED, I know that He is on my right hand and on my left and walking this journey with me. I am truly blessed!

Monday, May 10, 2010

What we Have Been up to....

We took the kids to Disney on Ice to celebrate 100 years of Disney. They enjoyed it and it was a fun way to celebrates Brooklyn's B-Day.

Staci is always good at keeping us in the loop of what shows are coming. Thanks Staci for always taking the time to plan these fun activities.