Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Trunk or Treat

Tonight we went to our ward trunk or treat. It was a lot of fun. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by our family and friends out here. Church activities are always better if you enjoy those people that you are able to be with. So Chad went today on his own and picked out his costume. He would not let me see one thing involving it until he was all dressed. I got the kids ready and he was in the bathroom awhile working on his own attire. I nearly died when he came out. I have not laughed that hard in awhile so thanks Chad for being creative. He ended up winning the funniest costume award. I am not the worlds biggest Halloween fan. I have not dressed up in years but Michelle sent me home with a couple outfits that were not to much. It was fun to kinda dress up. Thanks Sis. So Brooks was a pirate girl, Tate a doctor and Ty was a chicken or duck it looks like either one. I do have to say Tate looks rather official with the scrubs, thanks to Chad. I went by and got a cap from Karls office and we figured the crocs were perfect as well. He has been saying I want to be a doctor like uncle Karl for a while now. Hopefully its a sign for the future!! Ok here are some pics, enjoy Chads chest hair!!!!!!!!

The headless man in this picture is Caden. You can kind of see Cache to. They were hobos with dirty faces. So there faces didnt show up in the pics. Or maybe it was Cadens magic that he is so good at?????

Saturday, October 20, 2007

20 Questions about Chad

1. What is his name? Chad David Cummard 2. How long have you been together? We were married in May of 2003. 3. How long did you date? I think it was about 3 monthes but he had been around from the time i was in junior high. 4. Who eats more? Chad eats more food I eat circles around him when it comes to junk food. 5. Who said I love you first? Chad 6. Who is taller? Chad 7. Who sings better? Me, but Chad likes to think he is good and sings very loud because he is confident in his skill. Everytime in sacrament meetingI think I end up hitting him because I get embarrassed. 8. Who is smarter? That one goes to Chad when it comes to book smarts. I mean come on I think that he was in college forever. Propably because he spent more time socializing. But I will say that when it comes to street smarts I take the cake. 9. Whose temper is worst? Chads . 10. Who does the laundry? I do Chad has a couple of times though. He bought me these awesome washer and dryer so I would quit complaining and do it. 11. Who does the dishes? I do mostly because I for some reason cant stand if there are dishes in the sink. He does help with them from time to time. 12. Who pays the bills? Bills what bills I have not paid a bill since we got married. Well thats not true I pay the ones that I am responsible for which are my phone and that may be it. Lucky me!! 13. Who mows the lawn? Well not Chad lately its been whatever workers he hires. 14. Who cooks dinner? I do like once a month isnt that plenty. So sad I am on a mission to pick up the pace and do it a couple times a week. If its not me its certainly not Chad Im not sure he knows how to cook. He has to know a little because he lived by himself for a while. His sisters and mom have always taken care of him there. Well and I guess Jeff Yazwa did as well since many of our tupperware have his name on them. 15. Who drives when you are together? Chad so put on your seatbelts. 16. Who is more stubborn? I think we are even. 17. Who is the first to admit that they are wrong? We both struggle but try to be better in that dept. 18. Who kissed who first? I think him. 19. Who asked who out? He asked me out. 20. Who purposed? Chad 21. Who has more friends? For sure him, he is a social butterfly and has a million people who adore him. 21. Who wears the pants in the family? Not me but Chad is nice about it, sometimes he asks me what pants look the best.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Park again for Tate

Thanks you Julie for inviting Tate to come play at the park with you guys. He would have been rather bored at home with me working. I know that he thouroughly enjoys spending time with Brecken. These pics are hillarious to me. Julie and I had a good laugh at Tate and Brecken in the one with them hugging. They look like a cute couple. Ridge enjoyed some dirt for dinner and loved every minute of it. Thanks Julie, since I know you will be looking at this, we love you and appreciate you always being so thoughtful and willing. We are blessed to have you as our sister and aunt.

Last Day of Break

Since Mon was the last day of break Brooks got to pick the agenda. We needed to be out of the house so she decided on the park. We went to Desert Mountain park, its a pretty awesom park when its not totally crowded. We went and picked up the usual Burger King breakfast. Ya I know gross, but I love my ham croissant and large DP for breakfast. We had fun for awhile before it got to crowded. Ty was so funny she would go up the steps as fast as she could so she could come down the slide. I quit counting at I think 23 times. She would just laugh the entire way down and head back up. It was to cute. Im glad we discovered that she loves it since we have a big slide that does not get tons of use in our backyard. We came home and got the rhino and headed out to get gas since it was low. I was trying to take the back way through the fields and got us high centered. It was a sight I am sure, me bouncing on the back of it with my 7 year old trying to reach the pedal so she could give it gas, Tate screaming at me for getting us stuck and Ty just smiling away. She loves the rhino and does not seem to mind the dirt, wind or the bumps. B was so nervous. I had to laugh when I told her k give it some gas ,and she said which one is the gas. She was awesome and was pretty proud of herself when the whole ordeal was through. We got gas and headed to a different park in the Pecans. Sandi had taco night at her house since Chads cousin Steven and his wife Jen were in town. It was fun to visit with everyone and of course enjoy the infamous tacos that mom made. Chad was up in Sedona on a business trip so he missed out. It was good to have Steve and Jen stay the night with us and spend some time catching up. We concluded the night watching the Dbacks get swept by the rockies. It was such a good day just being able to enjoy my kids. Thanks Chad for working so hard for our family. We are so fortunate and blessed because of you. We love you!!!

Girls Day Out

One of Brooklyns best friends is Madison Lamb. They have a blast together, and B wants to be with her as often as she can. We decided that because the fall break was coming to an end that we would go and have a little girls day out. I drug them with me to Karls office to have a little work done on my face. They had a blast down there Brooks thinks that she works there, she types and has a good time playing office. When I was done we went to lunch and then headed to get pedicures. They were so funny giggling and just living it up. After that we headed to Gelato Freeze and treated ourselves to a little treat. We had a blast. Thanks Michelle for watching my other kids so I could have a much needed mommy daughter date. Once again I forgot the camera so I had to use my phone.

I was diggin the silver polish!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bath Time

A couple of nights ago I put Tate in my bath and thought I had a couple of minutes to get my kitchen cleaned up. He thinks its the greatest thing in the world to turn on the jets and have a little jacuzzi time. Not to long after he had gotten in I hear him yelling for me at the top of his lungs. I ran in there, because with Tate you just never know when he yells what you are going to find. I could barely see him because he had bubbles up to his head. He had dumped my entire bottle of shampoo in the bath and then decided to turn on the jets. I opened the drain and then started laughing because he was a tad nervous that they were going to swallow him up. So I ran and got the camera. They had gone down a little but still you can get the idea. Then when he saw that I had the camera he said " wait let me cover my pee pee so it wont be in the camera" then he grabs a handful of bubbles and made a little cloud over it. Thanks Tate for keeping the picture g rated. Its funny to me that he even thought of that.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pisciotta Family

We had such a fun weekend!! Donald and Angie and the kids came on Thurs night. We went to the game thurs and then picked up Ang and Cam at the airport. The babysitter had six kids here but to our surprise they were all asleep and the house was clean when we got home. Friday Chad and Donald went and golfed. They had fun and Chad said he golfed wello, which is better then most of his outings. The kids seriously were outside for 2 days straight. The weather could not have been any better. We took the kids to go see The Game Plan. It was allright but the kids seemed to like it. Saturday we watched conference and just relaxed pretty much all day. The kids and I were in our pjs most the day. We barbequed with Brandon and Julie that night and just had fun hanging out. We finished the weekend off with a good game of whiffle ball. We were sad to see them go we always love the time we get to spend with them. The kids all play so well together and have a ton of fun. They had one big slumber party every night. Before they even got here Tate had plans for Chloe to sleep on the couch with him. He has asked me every day since they left if they can come back. We cherish our friendship with them. Its so nice to have friends that we get along with so well. Even though we dont always get to see them its like nothing has changed when we do. They are an amazing family with such good kids. Thanks for being such a good example to us and being such good friends. We love you guys and cant wait till the day you get your butts back here.

Maybe this is the start of something good?

They dont come any cuter than Chloe.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Go D-Backs

We went to the game tonight and it was a blast. I would have to say it was the most fun I have ever had at a game. Everyone was so into it and rowdy. I know that I am a dork but I love this post season ball. Its just intense and that makes it awesome. I forgot my camera so I just took a few not so good pics with the phone. There were lots of Cub fans there but it gave Chad someone to talk crap to. Im pretty sure his voice is spent. Donald and Angie are here from Vegas so Donald was able to come to the game. Eric Lamb who is also a good friend of ours came as well. Money well spent and GO DBACKS.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Smarty Pants

Brooks you are awesome. She got the student of the month award as I mentioned in one of my earlier post. Also a perfect report card, all E's. My pictures of the awards assembly didnt turn out that well but I will post what I was able to get. Good job B. Ya I know I am a proud mom but its so nice when your kids work hard and enjoy school. Im grateful for you Brooklyn and I love you so much. I appreciate the sister that you are and the help that you give me. I am so blessed to have such an amazing, beautiful little girl!! Seriously they dont get any prettier!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Papas Harley

We all know Dad and how when he wants something there is no stopping him from getting it. He had been wanting a motorcycle for some time. He decided he would rent a Harley for the weekend and have some fun. The only bad part about that was that he got a taste of how nice they were and any other kind now just would not suficeth. He finally decided it was time to pull the trigger. He ended up with the same bike that he had rented. Its so nice and Dad is so happy with it. As much as Mom says she doesnt like it I think she loves to go for rides. She is totally a troooper. Anyways he took the kids for a ride the other day and they were in heaven. Tate thinks it is the coolest thing and is hoping Chad will get one some day.