Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The great outdoors

Back to the airport for us! The kids and I just love to sit and admire all of the planes that fly in and out. I pretty much have to drag them away when its time to go. It is amazing to see some of the planes that come in and out. This particular day there were military planes and jets coming and going. It was quite exhilarating when some of them took off and just about blew us away.

This plane was screaming " ye ha Jesters dead" we watched Top Gun all the time growing up and this reminded me of the planes they flew in. We were hoping it would take of but never did. Some times the simple outings are the best ones. Its something we ALL love to do, not just Tate. The girls are just as intrigued as he is! I'm sure we will have many more picnics at the airport. I look forward to them and the excitement the kids show every time a plane comes or goes.

Our past month

So its been a month since I have updated last. That is not because we have had a lull in activity to report, its quite the contrary. Thus far our spring has been filled with strep throat, ear infections, coughs, colds and allergies. Chad had a respiratory infection he is still fighting off and Ive had a sinus infection. Amazing that we are all alive, I know whaaa whaaa I think most people have been effected by the elements of spring. I absolutely love the weather and being outdoors this time of year but with that comes allergies. There aren't many things that smell better to me than spring in full bloom. Ty not loving her ears hurting!
Brooks getting told she has strep throat!

We are all well for the most part and as the mom I could not be any happier about that!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Little Evil Knevil

I had posted about everyone else so I figured I would share this video of Tate. The kid has skills on a bike!! Nothing makes him more happy than being outdoors being a boy.

Brooklyns Piano recital

Last week B had her 1st piano recital. It was really casual which was nice and not so intimidating for her. She played This Land is Your Land and another short song. She was so focused and was counting out loud so she would get it just right. She was awesome and didn't even make one mistake. She has been taking for about a year now and is doing very well with it. She fights me continually about practicing and having to go to lessons but this is one fight I wont lose for now. Everyone always told me I would regret it if I quit and I thought they didn't know what they were talking about. 15 years later I regret everyday that I can not play any better than I do. So I am making B stick to it. I absolutely love the sound the piano makes and could listen to piano music all day. There is something so calming and peaceful about the piano. I told B she has to be good so she can serenade me now and when I am an old lady. I want her to be able to play Jessica's theme, that's my favorite song. You know the Man From Snowy River song. I always wished I could play like Jessica on the movie. Basically its one of those things where parents are living through there kids :) Hey at least its a healthy thing that I'm pushing her to do right. I'm am really proud of her and how well she does at so many different things. She definitely has been blessed with the ability to do things without a ton of struggle. I hope she will soon realize that we have been asked to develop our talents and she is so blessed to be able to.

Ty and her funny self

On Wed Chea asked if we wanted to go out and see this cool place in Florence. Its called the windmill and is a very charming nursery/wedding hall place. Of course Chea had her camera along so she took some pics. I have not seen them all but these were on her blog so I copied them. Ty ran from place to place and its a wonder she even stood still for a few pics. I wanted to write down some funny things she did this week so they will not be forgotten. After we finished off our lunch with Randa and Chea we ran by the Larson's house. A friend had borrowed my training potty and had returned it to me the night before so it was still in my car. I was visiting on the porch with the Larson's and Ty was playing, in and out of the car. One of the times she got out her skirt was all crooked and her shirt was tucked into her underwear. I thought what in the world is she doing. As I went to leave the potty was singing a song which happens when there is liquid in it. Sure enough she had to go so she went in the potty. I laughed so hard that she would do that instead of tell me. I guess I'm glad she had the sense to at least make sure it was in the potty.
Next item of funny business was on Fri Ty was sick all day long. She had to have thrown up like 10 times. I didn't feel the greatest either so Chad was kind enough to come home that evening and let me rest. He rented movies for the kids and made them popcorn. When I woke up from my nap about 8 pm Ty came in and told me all about the movie and the popcorn. I asked her to get me a bowl of it and she said sure. A few minutes later she came back with a bowl of popcorn for me. The only problem was it was the bowl that she had been throwing up in all day. Honestly I laughed so hard and obviously passed on the popcorn. She really does funny things constantly. Some are not so funny like the change that she put in my CD player in my car. I learned my lesson this week that she probably shouldn't play in my car even when I'm 10 feet away. She is best when she is strapped in a 5 point harness and cant get out. Maybe that's why I don't mind being in the car. Then at least I know she cant be wreaking havoc on anything.

Thanks Chea for always capturing such great glimpses into her personality. Your amazing. Here is a link to her blog. From there you can get to her actual photography site. Check it out she is awesome!! http://chealambphotography.blogspot.com