Friday, November 28, 2008

Gilbert Days

Chad put together a team to play in GDs. They had all the talent needed to go far but just executed a bit late. The played four games and were done. It was fun nonetheless and I had fun getting shirts made for the kids. I made one for myself as well but it was quite large so I passed. The kids thoroughly enjoyed playing ball and rolling around in the dirt. Tate thinks he is on home run ball retrieval duty all the time so I spent half my day in left field with Tate. I think the Cummards alone kept the snack stand in business for the day. Whatever keeps them happy right. B was cracking me up because she has a competitive side that she unleashed that day. Whenever someone would make an error of foul out she would yell " are you kidding me. " I finally had to tell her to simmer down a bit. I was laughing and thinking that is so what I'm thinking just not saying out loud. I love that all of my kids have a love for sports and can appreciate them. Whether its watching, playing or supporting they are always right there and enjoying it. That's the key, enjoying it! Go CDC I love you.

Student of the Month

Again again B, we are so proud of your accomplishments. She was given the student of the month award. We all went to her awards assembly and were called to stand up front with her as she received her award. Mr Jeffers said something about B while that made me feel so happy. He said that Brooklyn is a perfect example of integrity. He said integrity to him was how she acted even when no one was paying attention. She is on task and is a huge help to the other kids in her class. He has told me that he seats her by kids who need some motivation or a little help because she seems to always be willing. Having integrity is a great quality and I was so proud when he said those words. I'm also pretty sure there is not a more pretty 3rd grader. Come on I was so not cute at her age! I love you Brooks and feel so blessed to be your mother!

Tate is taking it all in. B is definitely setting the bar high for Tate. If he can hold still long enough to learn I think he may do OK:)

Brooklyns Class Presentation

Check out those open mouths. Mrs. Tellef would be so happy:)
Madison was cracking me up with her arms folded. It so reminds me of myself! Larks came to show support. These 2 are such good friends. Its nice to have your best friend live next door and be family.
Last week B had a performance at the Queen Creek Performing Arts Center. It was for all of the 2nd grade. She did so well. She had a long part she had to remember and she tore it up. She memorized it all by herself! Maybe she is taking after my 4th grade acting career. I was the main character in Snow White, and I was good. I had hundreds of lines and I still managed to help the other kids with theirs. We have it on video somewhere, I need to show B. Ok so now that I went off on that tangent and was reliving my one and only acting experience, back to B. She is awesome at everything. She tries her hardest as gives 100 percent. I could not be more pleased. Good Job B!!!!!!!!!
Good Job B, Julia and Madison

Thursday, November 27, 2008


One more tournament down in the books:) Our coed team is done until Jan. We got run ruled by subway on Wed night and then came back to beat them twice on Friday for the trophy. This team is mostly family and Chad and I have so much fun playing. I would have to say this is my favorite league to play in. GO TEAM

Monday, November 17, 2008

Kid Pics

Look at this 2 year old attitude, she kills me. Once again Chea Lamb did not disappoint. I had the kids pics done for Christmas Cards. After she so perfectly picked out their outfits she captured what I had hoped for. The kids are all so spirited and I can see each of their personalities in these pics. Love them, thanks Chea.

Is it time for the dunes yet? My kids have all asked me this question. I am rearing to go myself and am hoping to get there at least 1 time this season.

Love of the Game

Last Weekend Chad played in a ball tournament with a bunch of the old group. These guys played together years ago and its totally fizzled since. It was fun to see everyone and watch them have fun together. He played with Todd Garrett, Joel Holmes, Brian Busby, Russ Dyer, Dan Schlink, Scott Millius, Shane, David and Brad, Scott Urry, JR Langston and I think that was everyone. It was a fundraiser for Joel Holmes daughters softball team. They didn't end up winning, they decided to flip for the win. They had to beat a team twice and some of them had to leave so the coin made the final decision. I have never posted about Chad or I playing and its a huge part of our lives right now. If my kids were to look back on this family journal in years to come they wouldn't even know that we love playing softball. Right now we are just finishing up playing our family co-ed league that is out here in Queens. I start women's tomorrow and I think KPTZ doesn't start back up till Jan. There are weeks that we have had more than 2 nights of ball and its makes things crazy. The kids love to be out there playing though, so that makes it nice. I know before long as the kids get older we wont be able to keep this pace but for now its done out of sheer Love of the Game.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tates Class Presentation

On Wed Tate's pre-school class did a bunch of fun Halloween festivities. He had to take a pumpkin that he helped create, they did a little song for all the parents and then had some dessert. Tate saw this Mr P kit and asked me if that's how he could do his pumpkin. It was pretty dang simple and no mess to clean up either. He got the award for the toughest pumpkin. Tate is loving school this year. He never complains about going and is always very eager to come home and tell me what he has learned that day. I am so glad that Rondalee is his teacher. She does a great job with him and he truly loves her. The other day as we started to leave he rolled down his window and yelled " I love you Sis Jones ". He is constantly giving her hugs . The kid is defiantly a love bug. He loves to be hugged and kissed and is always so sweet to me. I am so glad that I have Tate. He is hilarious and rough and tough but sweet as can be. He is a perfect mix, definitely all boy but a sweetheart to. I could't ask for anything better in a son. I love you buddy and like you always say " I love you bigger than a city and as much as the moon."

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trunk or Treat

For some reason I really wasn't feeling the Halloween spirit this year. I have never been to huge on Halloween anyways, but I think this year I may have been more of a grinch. We did enjoy our ward party though and our kids had fun dressing up. Kim Crumb called and asked me if I would be wiling to bring chili. With the lack of skill in the cooking dept. I enlisted my sweet mother in law to make it for me. Ya i know I am lame and its not difficult to make but my name was attached to it and hers chili is fantastic. It was a hit and I appreciated her doing that. She even wrote down the ingredients in case people asked so I could act like I made it:) At the last minute Tate decided that he wanted to be a fire man like his uncle Ricky. I thought it was a dang cute costume and he had fun with the axe as you can imagine.

Brooks and Larken wanted to be the same thing so they decided on this cute witch costume. And well Ty didn't have much of a choice. I have saved all of Brooklyn's costumes so at least for now why Ty doesn't care she gets the hand downs. Chad and I didn't dress up but we had fun seeing all the others who did. This is Christa and Phil. I don't think I would have even recognized her had she not look the same as her husband. The funniest part about their characters was thy were passing out chicklets and the nasty suckers that can only be bought at select stores or south of the border.

This is Eric and Jen. He dressed as the love guru and her obviously a nun. I would have to say Jen looks pretty good in that outfit.
Wayne and Chea came as Troy Bolton and Gabriella. They set up a basketball hoop and had the HSM music blaring. Maybe next year Chad and I can not be so boring.

Randa looking like the angel that she is!

B had a blister about 5 minutes into the party and so she sat in the car and handed out candy. I think she had just as much fun doing that as she did the trick or treating part.

B was at her other house over Halloween so we decided not to go trick or treat on the actual day. We already had so much candy and Chad wanted to go to the QC football game. It was such a good game. Its fun when you sit with all the parents who are way enthused. They at least got to wear their costumes to the game and we took them to a couple of houses that didn't mind that it was 10 when we got there. Now the trick is trying to keep myself and the kids from eating the candy all day long. Now its on to the good holidays. I cant even believe its November and already time to get shopping and I cant wait!!!!!!!!

Brooks Field Trip

B asked me if I would be one of the chaperone's on her 3rd grade field trip last week. I try to go on all of them with her. Its fun to go and be with her and the kids that she associates with at school. It helps me put faces to the names I hear throughout the school year. Plus its just more time I get to be one on one with Brooklyn. Julie was kind enough to keep T and T for me. I was happy to go and even happier that B wanted me there but man, it was a bit boring. They cant do field trips any more unless they are educational. We went to the Riparian Reserve which is right there on Guadalupe and Greenfield. I have driven past it a million times and never knew what it was. At least now I can quit wondering what it is. B and ToniAnn Bluth

Basically the purpose of the reserve is to recycle water in Gilbert. We learned that there are 25 of the reservoirs in Gilbert alone. They process the water with chemicals and then release it into these basins which then allow the water to seep back into the earth. The action further purifies the water and then they suck it back up and fill up ponds at parks and use it for sprinklers and what not in Gilbert. Seriously, that was the entire point of the trip. We learned a few other things but that was it. School these days is not the same as when I was in elementary school. Everything they teach and do is strictly to prepare these kids to pass the Aims test. I kinda feel bad for B sometimes but I'm sure that she will be a ton smarter than I am because of how far they are pushed as students. I have nothing wrong with her learning at a higher level but I also want her to enjoy it and have fun. Heck there are days that I cant even figure out her homework. I assumed I would still be able to do 3rd grade math but I have been stumped a few times already. I am lucky that she is such a good kid and student. She for the most part doesn't need my help and does great. She works so hard and it is paying off.