Monday, January 28, 2008

Bye Bye Hair

B has got the best hair ever. From the time she was little it has been this pretty golden blond color. We have had it long most of her life for lots of reasons. Probably the main one is its just so easy to put up for school. Another one is her dad has always told her that he loves her hair long. Every time I ask her if we can trim it she says" nope I want it long, my dad likes it that way ". Anyways I cut all the boys hair yesterday and she asked then for a haircut. We ran out of time but she asked again tonight. I asked her what she was hoping for and she told me alot shorter than what she had. We got the OK from her dad and off it went. I love her long hair but do not love to try and brush it out. I love what we came up with. She is getting old and grown up way to quickly. Here are the before and after pics in chronological order. She was so excited the entire time and was rather wiggly. She kept saying oh thats good, or no one will notice if that side is shorter. I dont think she knew we were in for a 30 min. must hold still session. She managed to hold back the wiggles long enough so I could finish.
Ok she looks even more like a 15 year old now. I know that I am biased but Im not sure they get any cuter than this girl. Brooks- I love you more than you will ever know! I am so happy that you are a part of my life. You have brought me more happiness in almost 8 years than I knew possible. I love that you are so self motivated towards you school work. I appreciate you typically keeping your room clean. B wont even sleep in her bed because she wants it made, so she lays on top with a blanket. Im not sure she gets her anal side from me but I am greatful for it. I cant beleive she is almost 8 and getting baptised already. Crazy!!!!!! I feel really old!
I love you B. Thanks for being my big helper and great big sissy.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Disney on Ice

So I forgot my camera. I know thats not acceptable, and I was perturbed the entire night because I was wanting to take pics. Owell thanks Sum for taking one for us. B and I went to Disney on Ice on Wed night. It was so good. We rode over with Summer, like sardines in her car. We ate at Neds first and then headed to the show. We had a pretty large group with us, Staci is always good at planning all these events. We enjoyed spending tons of money on souvenirs that probably cost a dollar for them and fifty for us. Hey thats what its all about, Right. I thought about taking Tate but I think he would wonder when the exciting stuff was going to happen. Plus I dont think that his dad would approve. We had a blast with everyone. I love having my alone time with B. Thanks Chad for keeping the other 2 so I could enjoy it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The kids did not have school on Monday so we decided to go bowling. I think for the most part we all had a good time. Amber brought her family as well. Its always fun to have them around. I think people were thinking I was crazy bowling with 5 kids. I quickly realized I think it was a bit crazy as well, but fun. We had Madison Lamb with us thank goodness. She loves babies and is a huge help with Ty. We picked up Tori on the way because Trey had boy stuff all day so I figured I would just take her to have some fun. I love Tori and think she is so cute. She had a mini melt down but some food and soda was all she needed. The baby kept trying to run aroumd, luckily the people next to us were nice. She was throwing her chicken on the their side to. Im still working on her naughtiness. It probably would have been easier to not have bowled myself, but I wanted to. I should have saved myself the embarrassment. I think I had the worst score. We even had bumpers, how does that work? Owell it was fun for everyone aside from the chaos. We followed that up with a little ice cream and we had to call it a day so I could get home for piano lessons. I picked up Jancy and her and Madison kept the kids while I went. Chad was up in Laughlin so we had a quiet night. The kids were in bed pretty early so I enjoyed a night full of peace. I think I may have needed it to. Thank goodness for the free refills this kept her occupied some of the time. Pretty sad at 18 monthes she asks for POP all the time! Is she my daughter or what?

It seems like we have been busy this past week but just with nothing major has gone on. Monday I hung out with the kids and then when B got home we headed to Piano lessons. Brooks started back to piano this year and seems to be loving it thus far. I also am taking so I think that helps her to see that hey even mom has to practice. I had a sitter come and I went to Chads ball game on Mon night. It was good to watch the game for a change. Plus it was to dang cold for the kids. Tues I just worked and then I had ball games. Young mens changed to Tues nights so its quite the challenge to figure it all out with the kids. Mom watched the girls and Tate and I went to my games. He was an angel. We had Meredith come out at the last minute and it was fun to play with her again. Wed B had half day so I let her stay home. We decided to go to Chuckie Cheeses. It was fun and for the most part we had the place to ourselves. I could play ski ball all day long. Then it was off to soccer practice from there. Thurs I worked all day and then we went to dinner at Cravings with Julie and the boys. Brooks had dance and so we all watched her after we were done. She is loving it!! I need to get some pics of her in action. Its so fun to see her loosen up. Friday we went to the QC Basketball game to watch Cassidy dance at half time. These girls are amazing. Kudos to Kelli they are just plain good. Sat was soccer and then we went out for our friends bday dinner that night. Chad and Tate and B built a dirt ramp to encourage Tates He has been on his bike jumping non stop I will have to get some good pictures.
B has a bit of my competitiveness in her. As you can see she is taking the game very serious.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dare Devil

On Saturday Chad took Tate to Supercross. Tate is so into all that right now. He loves quads and the dunes and everything that comes with it. He had an amazing time being spoiled by his dad there, and came home with all sorts of goodies to show for it. Anyways so Tate has been talking about all the riders and the jumps they were doing, and the "woodys" the were riding, in other word wheelies. He has been watching a video that Chad got for him there and has obviously been taking it all in. Today he asked me to come out on the drive way and watch some tricks that he can do. Now mind you Tate has been riding his bike without the training wheels since about the time that he turned 3. Pretty good in and of itself but from that time forward he has gotten so good on his bike. He always makes ramps and jumps them and can do little wheelies. He is just good on it. So as I go out there he starts riding and then proceeds to tell me he is going to stand on his seat while he rides. He got a running start and wha la, like a champ he stands right up on the seat. I probably should have told him it was not a good idea. Instead I ran in and got the camera. I could not stop laughing. The kid is amazing, things just come so easy to him. He has fear but not enough to stop him when he sets his mind to something. So here are the pics of my little 3 year old wishing he was Travis Pastrana. Tate is the funnest little boy and keeps us laughing non stop. He loves to be outside and thinks that if he has to be in that he is being punished. I am grateful for him and how much happiness he brings to me. He is such a little love bug to. I think he gets that from the Cummard side, but as a mom its nice to have all the hugs and kisses. At times its a challenge but I am grateful that I have been entrusted with 3 amazing , healthy kids that make me so happy.

Is it Summer yet???

I usually love this time of year and the weather that comes along with it. Not that I am not enjoying the weather, but I cant wait for summer. We can only do the park, and such so many days until its just old. I am realizing more and more that Tate does not have a temperature gage with in himself. He still acts like it summer wearing shorts, no shoes etc... We had the boys over the other day and they asked so many times to play on the tramp with water. I repeatedly said no until Julie got to my house and said she didnt care. I think it was 50 outside and here they are with the hose and soaking wet, happy as can be. Brecken was crying because he didnt want to come in. The last time I went out to check on them they both had blue lips so I decided it was time to bring them in. They wanted a bubble bath, for some reason my kids think that is their pool and so it gets used usually at least 2 times a day. Is this child abuse? Hey they wanted to and I told them it would be cold but they thought different. By about this they are both shivering and ready to be done. It just seems like the summer we always have something to do,, and its easy for me to keep the kids entertained. Not to mention that they all love to swim and are good at it. I think we get it from the Hiatt side. My mom is the the biggest fish I know and will stay in the pool for hours on end. We are talking some days like 8 hours at a time. I cant wait for the pool to be about 88 degrees. Ya I know a tad warm thats how I like it.
Once again here they are happy as can be now that the wet clothes are off and they are making a mess everywhere. Tate does not think that its good until the bubbles are at the very top. It makes for a nice mess to clean up. I think we go through about a bottle a day of any type of soap that he can find. I guess I cant complain to much he smells good and is clean at least part of the day.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Smiley Tylee

I had to post a pic of Ty where she is happy. She has been such a crab lately!! She is so clingy, and cant stand to have a babysitter lately. I know its an age thing but come on. It might not be so bad if she wouldnt make herself throw up when she is having her moments. Last night was the first night in many that she slept through the night. I feel like I have a new born again, but that runs a million miles an hour. Hey and who knows she may have woken up but after so many nights of next to no sleep, I may have not even heard her. Either way she is so much fun during the day and if her parents are home with her. I think she might be a bigger ham than Tate. She is learning from him, its kinda funny.
Thanks Julie for the cutest dress and boots. She loved having those boots on. It starts way to young. The shoe fetish is my fault I am sure but I cant resist. Regardless of how other things look, shoes always look good. I figured I would add Chad since the kids make the blog a lot more than he does. Everyone says that Tate, Ty and Chad all look so much alike and I think this picture is the first time I can see it with these two. Thanks for being a great dad. The kids light up when you get home. The second she can hear his truck coming down the rode she starts clapping and dancing. Its so nice to have a husband that helps with the kids and that they adore.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Tate David Beckham

We signed Tate up for soccer to hopefully put some of his energy to work. The first game was Sat and it was pretty funny. Chad is the coach and Brandon is the asst. Coach. After looking at the schedule we now realize that they have games almost every sat till March. Bye Bye dunes. Owell Tate and Brecken were a crack up. Im not sure they know what to do but they are good at diving all over the place. I wont say the score to keep the coach happybut, lets just say we need to work on kicking the ball through the goal and not just kicking it anywhere you want. They had fun and are excited for practice on Wed. That officially gives us absolutely no free time in the evenings. Mon- Ball, piano lessons, Tues- Ball, young mens, Wed- soccer, Brooks to her dads, Thurs- Dance. Somehow we seem to manage it all but are ready for bed when the time comes.
I think Tate likes the after game treat as much as he liked to play!!!

Brooks was getting into it. I think the clip board made her feel important.
Jace trying to avoid a pic. I said he was making it on the blog either was so here it is. It was sure nice of the Kerbys and Papa to come and support the mayhem. I think Sonny was on his way out to the prison after the game. Im guessing he didnt come in his suit just to watch.
Here is Tate taking some kid out. We can only hope no broken bones will come out of this. Notice the kid on the bottom was quite a bit bigger too.
Focus Tate Focus- Chad did good trying to keep them on task.