Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Bday Janae

We went out to Cheesecake Factory last night for Janaes Bday. I think there were 12 of us girls who went. Its always fun to get together with this group. Janae has been a good friend of mine for a long time now and I love her. She is such a good example to me and always fun to be around. Great minds think alike, right Janae? I wont point out what she is trying to do with her finger in this pic but I think she didnt like that they made her a cake. Too funny. She looks amazing and always does! After dinner we went to Janaes house and had girl talk till the wee hours. Its was entertaining and I laughed my butt off as usual. Thanks ladies for a fun night and some good education that we will leave off of the blog. Mindy Horne is another friend who I love. She makes me laugh and I am grateful to be able to spend time with these girls, though it may be minimal.
Janae and Amy Burkinshaw, and no they are not a couple!

Janae, Leigh Stapley, and myself
KaeLynn Randall, Meghan Burkinshaw and Caryn Beck

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Party

I think this face says it all. For Tates party he wanted everyone to come over and ride in the back with him. I was glad to not have Bounce Zone this year. Both B and Tate love to have their parties there but it was nice to mix it up this year. I didnt get any pics of all the big guys riding the little bikes and racing but it was hilarious. It was a ton of fun for Tate and thats the point right? Thanks to Sonny and Sandi my wonderful second parents for all the hard work on tacos and ice cream. Sandis tacos are my favorite and always a crowd pleaser. Thanks so much for feeding all 50 some of us and allowing me to be doing other things. Tate had to have this cake. I will have to say it turned out pretty dang cute.
Thanks to all who came!!! Tate has more toys than he knows what to do with now and is in heaven. Chad got me a new camera for Vday and Im still trying to figure it all out so sorry these pics have a weird coloring.
I got home from the store on Monday and this is what I found. You cant see the smile through the helmet but it has not left his face! Tate finally got his own quad. He had to have the exact helmet as Chad as well. Every morning since he has asked me the min he wakes up if we can go out to the track! Its been a ton of fun although the little man is a tad brave on it and makes me nervous. Arent 4 year old supposed to slow down when they are about to go over a big jump?

Thanks to all who came and celebrated with us . WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Dunes Again.....

I would have to say this is the theme picture to our trip. WHAT IN THE H IS WRONG WITH THIS THING!!!!

This trip was quite a bit different from the rest. The Porters, Butlers and us left after we got B off to school on Fri morning. Brad and Ashley got there about 4pm or so. Mom kept Tylee so that I would have enough room in my rhino for Ash. I will have to admit it was kinda nice not worrying about her out there. We ended up at camp a ton this trip and she would have been a bear to try and keep contained. As we were heading out on our first ride Chad realized his bike was leaking coolant. We took some with us so he could keep it full as we rode. About half way to the hill I realized my rhino was acting a bit strange. It kept backfiring and then stalling. It started back up a few times so while it was running we decided to head back to camp and figure out what the problem was. We changed the fuel filter and got it to start back up and it seemed to be running fine. In the mean time Brad got there and we headed over to Gordons Well side to ride and then go to the drags. The rhino had other plans. We got back in the dunes a ways and it stalled and was done. Julie had to tow me back to camp with her rhino. By this time most of the day had already been wasted on trying to diagnose the problem and we were done for the night. Poor Julie and Brandon got stuck at camp with all of our stuff and we all headed in to Yuma to eat and go to the hotel. After dinner we went to Target and got Ashley a swim suit. I was feeling bad since they didnt have a ton of fun riding. I though they would have fun swimming. It doesnt matter if the water is warm if its 45 degrees out. I was freezing but Tate and Ashley had a ton of fun. Thanks Brad for keeping me company. I think it was about 11 ish when we finally went back to our rooms. I got Tate bathed and he was out rather fast. I on the other hand sat in the bath and read for about an hour. We got going the next morning pretty late. The guys left early so they could go on a morning ride. Good thing Brandon has 2 bikes or Chad may not have been able to ride. I wasnt all that excited to get back and sit there. I figured I needed my sleep more than sitting around. We got out there about 11. Chad went into Yuma and got a fuel pump which after a while of tinkering with seemed to work. We loaded up and were going to go on a LONG ride since we had hardly ridden at that point. We didnt get far. The pump was now working but everytime it stalled the filter was clogged with little black bugs. Nice huh!! Chad and I decided to just wait at the drags while everyone else went out on a ride. After a while they headed back with Jessicas quad having problems. Who knows maybe it wasnt meant to be? The drags are complete choas the entire time. It was kind of amazing to see everything else stop and they had a Presidents Day tribute. A ton of sand rails with American Flags all lined up and went down the drags in a single file line. It was pretty cool. When the finished and the craziness was back on we headed back to camp, this time towing Jessicas bike. My rhino did great the entire way back so I am crossing my fingers that all the bugs are out, literally. Despite the Cummards not having anything that wanted to work down there we had a ton of fun as usual. I guess thats what happens when you love everyone in the group.

I brought our little sled that we had at the snow and we pulled the kids around on that thing. I think Tate had more fun with that than he does riding. He is still scared from rolling. Im hoping he recovers from that becasue it gets a bit nerve racking when he is yelling at me the entire time as I drive. After Julie so bravely jumped on the sled we all figured we needed to give it a whirl. Im not sure what the kids enjoyed so much, but I was glad we had it to entertain them since we werent riding. Brandon and Dave were so awesome to work on the rhino and get it back up and running. I am pretty sure they spent more time working on stuff than riding but we really appreciated the hard work. I am already wanting to go again since I didnt get my fix this time. Hopefully we will get invited!!! They may just want to leave us problematic people behind :).

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I can not believe its already been 4 years. Tate has been such a sweet heart. He makes my heart melt. He was such a good baby and made his dad very happy. I am so blessed to have Tate as my son. He truly makes me laugh and smile every day. Its always an adventure with Tate and that can be good and bad at times. He is a busy kid with a huge imagination and he continually is bouncing off the walls. Thanks Tate for loving me. Its so cute to have him want to snuggle with me and rub my back or tell me Im a pretty mommy. I think maybe he thinks it will keep him out of some trouble or something:)

This may be the only picture that I have of Tate where he is holding still.

This picture makes me laugh. I forgot how white his hair was. Tate is a crack up about his hair. Every day he is particular about how his hair is combed. He will tell me spikey or a mohawk or anything else he comes up with. Then he will check it out in the mirror to make sure I have accomplished what he wanted. HMMMM does that sound familiar to anyone. Chad is just as funny about his locks. Does it get any cuter than Tate honestly. Tate always has a big smile on his face! He loves to have me take pictures of him and do these nice poses. I love that he is such a happy kid! He is all boy and I wouldnt have it any other way! Im sure these injuries are just an inkling of whats to come throughout a lifetime. I hope not but Im sure he will take it in stride because he is one tough kid!!!

Tate is such an adoring brother. He loves his sissys and is always looking out for them. When B walks in from school he will say " how was it , ready to play ". He is always asking about them and checking on them. He is just a sweet little boy. Naughty at times but very loving. The girls are lucky to have you buddy as their brother!!

I love you Tate!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Cutchen Reunion

This past weekend we had the opportunity to go up to the cabin in Pine. Its nice that we actually have a cabin now that is not infested by every sick thing you can think of! We got up there late Fri. and stayed until Sun. The weather was perfect and it was nice to see snow for a change. I love that the entire family can hang out together and always have fun. It was a tad crazy with all the kids but we are used to that. At least they could go upstairs and let us have some peace and quiet. Well kind of. We went to the gravel pits and tubed which was a blast. Brooks was a bit timid until it was time for us to go. She decided to let loose and enjoy herself. We all had fun and even Dad joined in on the party. Thanks to Mom and Dad we ate good as always and had yummy treats. We were doing pretty good until about 2 in the AM on Sun. morning Ty decided she didnt feel so good and threw up all over me. I will spare the details since I dont want Chad to start dry heaving again but it was bad. I was up most the night showering and doing laundry. She only threw up one more time that morning and has seemed fine since. It was good to get away and start a new tradition with the family. Thanks mom and dad for everything. You guys are the greatest parents and grandparents we could ask for. I know this is blurry but I had to put this on here. Chad thought his wal-mart special boots were hot. Hence the tucking into the pants and the pose. Or the fact that he wore them around for a greater part of the day. Chad and Tylee at the snow. She looked like the stay puff marshmallow man!!Avery and Ricky enjoying lunch. Here are Summer and the Bop. Sum your looking rather cute in those new glasses Brad got you!!

Here is the happy guy himself. He thought the snow was pretty cool!

Here is Dad joining in. Not sure how well he felt after he did some big bumps but he was definitely not going to let us have all the fun!Brooks had assumed this position while trying to make a decision if she could muster up the courage to do it. Luckily she did because she had a blast.
Tylee loves her Papa!!
Do you think that B looks a tad tired? Or maybe its just me bugging her to take another picture.