Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I posted this like 3 months back and then was to lazy to type in the email addresses. Im back at it. If you put your email last time you dont need to again.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

B continues to SHINE

B loves these girls as do I. We are so lucky to have such great friends for B to hang out with. Madison, Toni Ann, and Julia.

Her biggest fans
On Fri B got the principals award for having great academic scores. Her report card is awesome and shows her being way beyond her grade level. We are loving her teacher and from what he had to offer me he enjoys her as well. I never hear anything negative about her from her teachers. It has made my job easier because she is so hard working. Good Job Brooks. Keep up the hard work! I am so fortunate to be blessed with you as my daughter. I love you.

Go Devils

Last Sat. I got a last minute invite to the football game. David had 8 tickets and called to see if we wanted to go. Chad was already going with Jared, Wayne and Darren. I decided because Tate wanted to go badly that I would go as well. He had a blast. Trey and his 2 friends were so nice to him. He wanted to walk with them and didn't want me trying to hold his hand.

He was so intrigued with everyone and all that was going on. The pre game show was awesome and he just sat and looked around for a good while. We were 2 rows behind the boys and I went down a couple of times to see if he needed anything. I asked him on my 2nd trip down if he wanted to go see Chad. His reply caught me off guard. He said "Mom, I dont need anything, now just go sit up there and leave me alone, I'm fine with the boys. I was dying laughing. Are they really to cool for their mom already at age 4.
Tate trying to give me a wink. It didn't take to long before he needed me again :) Or just me to buy him treats. The kid downed some nachos and a soda. Then we went and saw Chad and got snow cones. Followed that up with some candy and I think he was in heaven. Shane had a fan that would spray water and Tate thought it was hilarious. He kept squirting everyone including me and my camera.
I think this last pic sums up his night. The devils lost and the were terrible but he thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with the boys. He thought the game was really fun to watch as well. He has been wanting to play football with his dad now. The look on his face is one of utter contentment. Thanks David for thinking of us. We had a ton of fun on our mommy and son date!!

Friday, September 19, 2008


I posted this like 3 months back and then was to lazy to type in the email addresses. Im back at it. If you put your email last time you dont need to again.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What in the @#*%!!!!

This morning Tate decided against his better judgement and cut one side of Ty's hair. I thought the 2 times that he has cut his own and gotten in big trouble that maybe he had learned his lesson. He tried to tell me that she was cutting her own hair. When I ran out there not all of it had fallen yet and it didn't look to bad. Then as I ran my fingers through it I was holding a handful of hair. She is pretty good at tattling and told me that Tate did it. He admitted to it after he knew he was caught. There were a couple spots that he cut it just about to her scalp but for the most part he left me a few inches to work with.
All of her cute curls no longer exist. I knew whenever I cut it they would be gone for good. I was loving her hair lately. Owell its just hair and now that it has been fixed I am not an emotional mess. I haven't even talked to Tate yet about it because I was not about to deal with him right when I saw it. He may have not survived if I had. He started crying when he saw me cry and I told him now she was going to look like a boy. He said he didn't want her hair to look like his. So here is the after and its not all that bad. Its got some serious texture going on. Who knows maybe this is a glimpse of Tate's future. Teasing Chad I know he is going to play professional ball. Ha. And I guess its not as bad as for me as it is for those who have to make an appt. then wait to get it fixed. I was glad we didn't have to go in public with it.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ward Camp Out

This weekend was our ward camp out up by Young, Az. I don't think I have ever been to that part of the state before. It was at a camp ground that was awesome. It was so pretty and the weather was a dream come true. Tate had so much fun hanging out with the big boys and playing in the creek. Of course we never leave our house without his wiffle bat and balls. He stores them in my car so he always has them. He is funny like that. If he forgets them its a tragedy. So he and Chad of course played ball as well. Ty just wandered around being quiet and giving everyone dirty looks when they spoke to her. She is not shy at all but sometimes she can get a tude with the best of em. There were not a ton of people there but we enjoyed hanging out with the ones who were. Had the Larson's not gone as well I may have felt a bit out of place. I know Tate was glad to have Gunner and Eli to hang with. Ty followed Ali around and asked her what she was doing about every 2 min.

She loved sitting by the fire and inching her way closer to it. I couldn't even sit down because she is to busy and was making me nervous.
I forgot again to take a picture of our tent. I was rather impressed Chad whipped that thing up in the dark like he had done it a million times. I have no idea what the actual temp was in the middle of the night but I just know I can not remember a time I have been that cold. When we got there at 830 the temp was right around 50. I swear it had to have dropped 20 degrees throughout the night. Chad and I slept on an air mattress and just had a few blankets on. The freezing air was coming up from underneath us as well as all the way around us. I am a ding dong and forgot to pack myself something to sleep in, which made matters worse. The kids were in their zipper jammies and had their sleeping bags and blankets. Neither one made a peep the entire night. I was glad they were warm. We wont make the mistake of not having a sleeping bag again. As miserable as it was I wouldn't have changed a thing. Well next time I would like to, but for now its all a part of making memories:)

Look at her face! Sharman kept trying to get her to warm up and she would just slowly look at her and get an attitude. It makes me laugh. She doesn't really act all that sassy towards me. Generally she is a crazy, extremely busy but always happy kid. She can actually duke it out quite well with Tate. She finally learned she has to get beastie with him when he is sitting on her head or body slamming her. On our way home we pulled over and shot Jared's guns. Tate was really worried that there would be bears and wanted to make sure Jared brought his guns just in case. Tate thought it was the coolest thing he has ever done. Jared went through the rules and talked to them about being safe which was good for Tate to hear. Calamity Jane has nothing on me!! I was a pretty good shot I would have to say. After we played around for a while we headed out about 330 or so. We ate at the Burger House and made it home in time to shower and turn around and go watch ASU get their butts handed to them. We definitely had a fun weekend and missed B while she was at her dads. I finished Vince Flynn's 8th book and am now reading the last one. Well until Nov. and then the new one comes out. I cant wait!!! I blame him for my lack of being on top of things lately. I started reading his books at the very end of July and have blown through all of them. I stay up half the night reading because they are so good and they are hard to put down. The whole espionage thing is right up my ally. Speaking of, I think Protect and Defend is calling my name right now. Night

Happy Bday to Kiki

On Fri. Kristine invited us to go to the zoo with her and Kylan for her bday. Tate hasn't been to the zoo since he was really little so he couldn't remember much. He was very excited as was Ty. Id have to say it was probably the most enjoyable for me since my kids hung on Kiki and Ky the entire time. I think they were on their shoulders, back , or being carried the entire time. Ty was having a panic attack since she was surrounded. She doesn't love animals when they get close to her. Every time Bosco licks her, looks at her or does anything she yells at him. We are working on warming her up to him a little more.
If you ask Tate what his favorite part of the zoo was he says when the goat peed on Kylan. They were in there petting them together and one of them started going to the bathroom. It took Ky a while to realize it wasn't the mister system drenching his foot. I wish I would have gotten the picture of him scrubbing his feet in the sink right after. Maybe its just my sick sense of humor but it was hilarious.

It has been a lot of fun having Kristine around as much as she is. The kids look forward to she and Kylan coming to play with them. Its nice to know that when I am not home that they are being well cared for. Thanks for inviting the kids to go with you and for allowing me to tag along! We sure missed B but she was not allowed to miss school. Thank goodness the weather has decided to get a lillte nicer. I love the fall and cant wait for the temp to be in the 70s.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Bday Chad

Chad I wanted to wish you a happy Bday and hope you had a great day! You certainly deserve it after 36 years. I know there are so many times I give you a hard time but I appreciate you and love you. You are such a good dad and when its the kids time you devote everything to them. I love that you are passionate about things, sports, family friends and your calling. You are an extremely hard worker and take pride in making sure we are well taken care of. You are funny and can make any one laugh. Short story or more likely long I like them as do others. People gravitate to you and I am glad since I may not have many friends if it weren't for you. Thanks for sticking things out through thick or thin. I appreciate that once you have committed its a promise and not taken lightly!!! Sorry you have to put up with me being a pain most of the time. Thanks for loving the kids and I the way you do. Happy 36th. I need to take more pics of you alone. The only one I could find by yourself was of you admiring a tree:) I am glad you force me to slow down and take the scenic route at times. You have shown me a ton and taught me alot in 5 years. I cant wait to see what the next 5 will bring:) Maybe by then you will be able to comb your own hair in the mornings, teasing most of the time I don't mind. K well its late and you finally got the kids to fall asleep but I just wanted to post and tell you that you are the BEST. I love you and am blessed to be a part of your life.

Chads Bday and Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend we went up to Showlow with Shane and Meredith and the Lees. It was so nice to get out of town and enjoy the weather. I cant wait for it to be in the 60's here. I also love the rain and a storm and we had plenty of it up there. It was real low key and enjoyable for that reason. On Sat we went to Sonny's roping and were able to spend some time with the fam as well. Sonny was kind enough to let Chad give kids rides on Cinder. I know my 2 older kids love to ride. Now Ty is not so sure. Chad put her on there and her face was hilarious. You can tell how much she loves it in the pic with her and Sonny. Any how we love to go watch Sonny rope. There is a ton of skill that goes into doing it well, so its fun to see him succeed at it. Here is the man himself! We are fortunate to have him as a dad and a papa. The kids were all pretty into it but Tate can sit and watch for hours. He absolutely loves it and wants to rope some day. I'm not sure he will any good instruction from us but maybe buddy papa will take you under his wing. I'm kidding we will just stick to what we know and I don't think it includes a horse or a rope.I really do love to ride and don't get to very often. I have loved it from my Snowflake days and find it a real treat to be able to ever so often.We just hung out the rest of the day and enjoyed the weather and my good book. My lack of blogging is Vince Flynns fault. I started reading his books and they are phenomenal. We ended up going to Chuck Wagon Steak House for dinner which is not the greatest but I guess it got the job done. If nothing else the hot apple pie made it worth it. Ty learned a magic trick from Jeff. She was actually pretty good at it.I'm not sure there are 2 more sassy girls. Its a good thing they are dang cute. They had a ton of fun and enjoyed playing together. Ty keeps telling me "Kendall nice and her 2" .Is it bad that usually by night time I look forward to this scene. She wears me out!The next day was filled with bubbles, games, eating, wiffle ball in the rain and just enjoying each others company! We did Chads Bday dinner on Sun night which Meredith volunteered to make. Glad she did because I am not so good in the kitchen. Melissa made the cake and it all turned out perfect. B and I thought we were so funny picking out gifts at Walgreen's. I'm not sure he was amused but it was fun any ways. Oh and Meredith got him some depends!!! I am a total slacker and have not done anything for him yet for his bday. I thought the nice red shirt with the muscle man sleeves and some shades to go along would do the trick. I think I better get on something serious but there isn't much he doesn't just buy when he wants it.
Urrys thanks for inviting us. We had a good time and enjoy spending time with you all.