Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Years 2010

Where else but Vegas would we like to spend our New Year? Its the only place to be to bring in the new year. We had a blast as usual playing games and stuffing our faces. The perfect host- She cooks for us and provides plenty of entertainment.

Happy New Years and in case you were wondering its apple cider.
And yes our faces are a crack up. Oh the many faces of this game. I took 2ND and had a ton of fun knocking others out:)

We all had a blast and know where we will be next Dec. 31st. The END

Monday, February 15, 2010


OK well if I don't hurry up and get this posted it is going to be next Christmas. I am not sure where my love of blogging has gone but lately it just feels like a chore. I know that I should continue to document our life so I am trying to get over this feeling. We had another fabulous Christmas and nothing other than having B home could have made it better. We spent the day as we always do. We had to get our kids up sometime after 8 to open gifts. They are so my children and love to sleep in, even on Christmas Morn. As you can tell by their faces they were so excited to see if Santa came.

He came alright and brought Ty a new bike and Tate an Ipod touch. We gave Ty the cutest doll house with so many cute accessories. I'm not sure who likes it more her or myself:) She finally got the harmonica she had asked for the entire year and many other instruments to go with. Tate got a Red Ryder BB gun as well as some cool helicopters, a pitching machine and a few other little things.Tate had so much fun picking all of us gifts from the Reindeer Lane store at school. I love that they offer that at the school because then the kids are able to pick things out for our family by themselves. I honestly cherish all of the little trinkets that I have gotten over the years. Tate picked out a highlighter for me that smells like vanilla. He said since I love to smell good he knew I would love it. He seriously melts my heart. He gave Chad a measuring tape that says Dad.
At my parents it was organized chaos! Mom and Dad gave all the girls these easels. They were so excited and I know that my girls have used them a ton. With these they also gave them chalk, eraser, markers and paper. They were a huge hit amongst the kids and it has made the school playing that happens on Sun. nights even better.
Look how cute Gma Hiatt is. I love that they make the rounds and still come see their kids on Christmas. For as long as I can remember they have been a part of my Christmas day.
We are also blessed to be able to spend our morning with this cute couple. To me there is nothing more important than family and to be surrounded by loved ones makes Christmas so special to me. My parents also gave each and everyone of us Gma and Gpa Hiatts book that Susan put together. I am so glad that my kids also got one so they can read it and learn more about the amazing people that they are.Then it was on to dinner and more festivities with the Cummard side. We had a fun time visiting and laughing till our tummies ached. The kids all bring their new loot and show each other what they got. Brecken and Tate were playing games on their new Ipods. Tate showed off his skills with his new gun and everyone took turns shooting at the target.
Ty has ridden this bike constantly since Christmas. She sneaks out so she can ride down the road. Look at how happy she is in this picture. Good job Santa this bike will for sure be money well spent!
After all the playing was through we ate a fabulous dinner which mom made and we opened gifts. Mom and Dad were so generous and hooked us kids up with money and the kids all got fun stuff. Mom made all of the little girls matching necklaces that are so cute.
I love this picture. Ty adores her daddy!!
Ty is such a snuggle bug and made her way around snuggling with her favorites. She loves her uncle Jace and is always asking if she can stay the night with them again.
This pic kills me. Look at the height difference:)
I will just end by saying how blessed I am. We have such amazing families and are so fortunate that we can spend Christmas with both sides. As wonderful as Christmas was I would have to say the greatest part was shopping for and giving Christmas to a family that would have otherwise gone without. My kids truly benefited from being willing to give up some of their gifts and get this family gifts instead. I am grateful for the blessing it was for me personally. I appreciate my Chad who works so hard so that we can have the comforts that we do. Most important I am thankful for the birth of my Savior and the life that he lead.