Monday, November 30, 2009

Give Thanks

This year was our on year with the Cummard side and so we were blessed to be a able to go to the Harts home yet again. They are so kind and open their lovely home to all of us. They don't seem to be to phased to have all our kids running around. We appreciate the tradition that they have continued as long as I have been in the family. I didn't get the camera out until some people had already left but I managed to take plenty of pics. I am thankful for this family below. Not only are they our neighbors but our friends. My kids would be so lost with out the Kerbys next door. In primary I asked all the kids to say one of their prized possessions and Cache said Tate because they play everyday and it makes him happy that Tate likes him. After this week I was glad to hear that since Tate caused 5 stitches in Caches forehead.
Notice the band aid on the head of Cache. It was fortunately just an accident and Cache was so so tough. Typically Brecken would be in this picture of best buds but they had already left.I am SO thankful for these 2 people. I truly am so blessed to watch my 2nd parents in their Christlike ways. Truly they are of the most giving kind and it always shows. Thanks for being so good to us kids and the grand kids.
B and Larks love having each other to play with. They were posing as soon as I got the camera out. Just your typical girls I would say! I didn't get a pic of B alone but I am so thankful for her. From the day she was born she could make me smile when nothing else could. It was like Heavenly Father gave me this special angel to lift me through times that were not the best. She continues to make me smile. I am thankful I don't have to ride her about her schoolwork. Rarely do I even ask her to do her homework because she does not need to be asked. With that she pulls straight A's and has high honors every quarter. I am so blessed to have B.
Tate is just as much of a poser as the girls are. He has just a little of his dad in him:) I am so thankful for this little man of mine. He makes me feel like the best mom in the world when I know I'm far from. He tells me he loves me at least 20 times a day and that usually comes with hugs. He is a good kid and treats others kindly. I'm thankful that hr love sports. For that reason he is quite easy to keep entertained. I know that Chad is also thankful for this. Tate is a great brother and loves his sisters even when he is being a menace. I am also so thankful for this fire ball. If you are lucky enough spend time with Ty you know what I mean. Almost everything out of her mouth makes me smile. I am not thankful she is in my bed most mornings but I do love that she is a cuddle bug. I am thankful to have her at home when the others are at school. She keeps me good company. Most of all I am thankful for a Saviour who has lent me these amazing and healthy children! I am so thankful for the joy and peace that I feel when I put my Father in Heaven and family first. Kyles latest project is finally complete. Chad loves old school trucks and was coveting this one for sure. He and the kids were pretending to go for a ride.

Papa enjoying some ping pong with Larks.

I didn't get much in the way of pics of my family since we just hung out there at night. Michelle brought her beads and we all made some jewelry as we hung out. I am so thankful for a mom and sister who are my best friends. I am one of the few who love to spend time with their family without fighting or contention. We just all get along and enjoy each others company. This Thanksgiving I am most thankful for Christ and the Atonement. Right behind that is Family. I am thankful for health and strength to do the things that we enjoy. I am blessed to have wonderful friends who accept us as we are. Franksgiving at the Larson's home was a blast. I'm glad we continue to strengthen the bonds of friendship with the Larson's and the Lambs. I am thankful for a husband who takes pride in his role as a provider and priesthood holder. I am thankful for our home and the blessing it is to be living in QC. I could go on for days but this has already been long. I will just end with saying that I am extremely blessed and know that it is all from my Father above.

Another One Bites the Dust....

It was not the RBIs who finished last, then again we typically don't! We won the QC co-ed tourney yet again. I might sound a bit proud but I can because it was no thanks to me. We have brought in the big dogs the last few seasons and our scouting report and recruitment has not been a let down:) No really, even though I am kinda serious we just have a blast. Were definitely the most fun team, regardless of the outcome we are always teasing one another and having fun. I will enjoy only playing 1 night a week till Jan. though. Good Job Team.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Boss

Well with the post about our new puppies I have gotten questions about Bosco. I am still coming to grips with the fact that he is not alive anymore. 2 weeks ago today he figured out how to jump our block wall out back. I knew he could jump high but I am still shocked that he could clear the wall. Anyhow that Friday we got a call that a lady had found him and she brought him home. When we got home that night he was gone again and a different person had found him on Ellsworth. We brought him in the house and were trying to figure out what to do. I moved everything away from the fence thinking that maybe he was running and jumping off of something up against the wall. Needless to say that didn't change anything so we started putting him on a chain until we could do something permanent. When we were out in the back playing of course I would let him off to play and be free. So last Tuesday we had been playing all day in the back yard and so he was not on his chain. I came in to start dinner and the kids were still playing back there. I told them if they came in to remember to put his leash back on him. Well, they came in and no more than a minute went by and Tate said he was going to go put the chain on Boss. By then he was already gone so we went out and didn't see him anywhere. I got the dinner off the stove and we went a checked up and down the street and still nothing. I was certain any minute we would be getting a call that someone was holding onto him and for us to come get him. The call that came was quite a bit different. He had run out in front of a lady and she hit him right in front of Cloud Creek Estates. She put him in the back of her car and drove right around the corner to her neighbors house who is a vet. Chad met them at the neighbors just a few minutes later and Boss was in really bad shape. His lungs were punctured and he was struggling to breathe. The vet was sure that he wouldn't live long enough to even make it to the hospital. She went ahead and put him down right there. It was a rough night to say the least. We weren't sure how to tell the kids so we didn't say anything for a few days. I have known from the moment we got Bosco that he was going to be perfect for our family. I instantly loved him and was really comfortable with him. His demeanor was always so good and he loved my little kids. He and Ty were best buds and she played out back with him non stop. He was such a good dog and never did the annoying things that dogs do. No barking or chewing, digging was really minimal. He was house trained and was for the most part just perfect. We are all so sad that he is gone but the puppies have helped some. Ty asks almost every day when Boss is coming back. When I tell her he isn't she said she thinks he will because he is her best buddy :( He really was her buddy, she played with him and rode on his back and loved on him non stop. Just on the Tues we lost him she was out painting his nails with pretend polish and combing his hair. He would just lay there and soak it all in. He definitely was loved and appreciated in our family. Not only was he protective of our family and a good watch dog but he was fun and good with everyone who came over as well. We are hoping for better luck with the new puppies. I swear if either of them die for any reason other than natural causes that will be the end of the Cummards dog owning days! So RIP Boss Man you are defiantly being missed.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Meet Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth.


These 2 have officially melted our hearts. Have you ever seen 2 cuter faces?

Halloween with Foxes

Mason and Jacob are so cute. It was so fun to see the Foxes and to see the new babies. Dave and Tillie are in heaven doting over their babies! Desiree and Mason. I hadn't see Desi in over a year and Mason is already six months. It is so fun to see my best friends head over heels with motherhood. My kids thought Adam aka Travis was in AZ just to entertain them. He was so good to my kids and played a ton with them. It was exciting to get to celebrate Halloween together.
I had to post these pics of Tate. He is so inquisitive and had many questions as we went from house to house. I think he asked this lady if she was to old to trick or treat. Each house took a little longer than it should have due to him needing answers. I'm glad most people don't mind his curiosity. I happen to be amazed with the questions he asks. I think he may be a genius before long;)

The gang minus the Cutchen Crew. By the time they got to Grandmas most of the kids were already out of their costumes.

Although Halloween is more fun because the kids are getting old enough to really enjoy it, I'm glad its over. Till next year....

Hoopes-McBride Halloween

We were invited to the Hoopes and McBride Annual Halloween Party. Typically I'm not a huge fan of dressing up and acting silly. It gives me anxiety to try and get a costume together that is not just lame. Since I was sick all week, this one was put together last minute but was easier than Ken and Barbie. So we went as Kenny Rogers and Dolly. I have to admit that it was actually fun to dress up and go to a party. I cant remember ever going to a costume party. We had a blast and laughed so hard our stomachs ached!Eric and Sharman Justin and Christina
Eric pretending he is Santa Claus and me thoroughly embarrassed!

Chad and Lisa

Chad and Eric getting down. So funny Eric danced the night away and most of that was alone. Chad decided to show him some moves:)

This skit was performed to perfection. I cant remember laughing this hard for a while. Both of them fit the part to a T.

Thanks again to Amanda for letting me borrow her amazing dress. Since the shoes were 3 sizes to small up at girls camp I figured I would get some that fit. I went to Payless thinking what are the chances and lo and behold. In my size I see some hot pink stilettos on clearance for 3 dollars. I think it was meant to be that I have some shoes of my own to go with this dress since it seems to be becoming a fav. Thanks Chad for being a good sport.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween Traditions

The week of Halloween I was down with a cold and some serious congestion most of the week. I had a migraine starting Monday which I had through Wed. By Thurs I had no choice but to get all the loose ends tied up for costumes. Our ward Trunk or Treat was Thurs night and I still needed a couple things for each kid and candy. I was able to get what had to be done taken care of and it all worked out just fine. Ty decided she wanted to be Jasmine months ago and it never wavered. B was with her dad on the actual day so we just did something easy for the ward party. Steph and Jen are always including us in the girls plans and I could not have been happier than when they informed me that they took care of getting B's costume made. Tate chose Indiana Jones and there was no changing his mind. I'm not sure he even knows who Indiana Jones is but he wanted the whip that came with the costume. I didn't get a pic of them together but all in all I thought their costumes turned out cute. Ty fell asleep for an hour before the party and she was quite the ice queen when I woke her up. She did finally get happier as the trick or treating started. I could not get over how much her dark wig changed her appearance! She kept telling me how beautiful she was and that she wants her hair like this from now on. Tate is always being a goof ball and making me laugh. He insisted on putting up his "Go Devils" sign for pics the entire night.
B and M were car hop girls that worked at Sonic. I thought it was a cute idea and B was so excited to wear her roller blades. She did wipe out numerous times but nothing to severe. She may need to practice staying on her feet though if she ever has a tray in hand:)
On Monday that same week while I was in bed certain me head was going to explode the Lambs had their pumpkin carving party. I was so bummed I was not able to make it. We had such a good time doing it last year and it was fun to see the kids in their excitement. Chad was a trooper and took the kids to brave carving 3 pumpkins with them. I sent the camera and got a few pics but I wont complain, I'm certain he had his hands full! Tate chose the headless horseman for his pumpkin. Tylees was Cinderella in a carriage and B did a way cute pumpkin. They all turned out great! I wish Id thought to take a picture of them on our porch. Owell right!!

Here is Ty seriously pontificating what she wanted to carve on hers. Honestly the girl has the funniest personality.
Tate has the look of perfect contentment on his face. He always does when he is with his dad. It does not matter what the activity entails whether its work or play, he is just happy to hang out with dad.
I would say from this face she is happy with the results of her pumpkin.
Thank you Lamb family for continuing on with this tradition. We love to spend good quality time with our friends. I am so grateful that Chad and I have friends who have similar desires and goals as we do. They love our kids and take the mayhem that comes with in stride. We are so blessed! I appreciate Chad so much and the dad that he is to our kids. They will never doubt where they stand with him. He constantly shows them how much he loves them and plays an extremely active role in their everyday. I am truly blessed to have a husband who is a man that takes pride in loving and caring for his family.


I am so behind and I keep saying I'm going to keep up with our happenings better. So for now I am in catch up mode till I am caught up. During the fall break we had the Cutchen kids for a week. My kids, especially Tate had a count down for about 3 weeks till they came to stay. We had a blast that week. We didn't do much but play outside and ride quads and bikes. There were many games of whiffle ball, 2 hand touch football, frisbee, just to name a few. We also went to a fun Halloween Party at the Edwards. The entire time Tate was wanting to help me with Tyson and has now informed me he wants a little brother! My kids couldn't have had a more entertaining break. I was glad to have the Cutchen kids stay with us. I know when we go to Hawaii I will have peace of mind knowing my kids will be taken care of and loved in our absence.
This scene was a welcomed one come about 8pm:) I was pretty much beat by that time and needed some quiet. I love that they are all so close and love to be together. That's the way it should be!