Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Baby is 2

Have you ever seen a chunkier baby. She weighed 9.5 lbs. I guess B was chunkier but I think that Tys cheeks trumped Brooklyns. She was so big they actually had to break one of her collar bones to get her shoulders out. Fun stuff!

She came out with a crazy mop and it has not slowed down since. She has had at least 3 hair cuts already!!
As you can see she tends to always be smiling.
Sadly enough I didnt get around to posting on her Bday. It was on May 20th and things have just been crazy. Tylee is the happiest, funniest little girl. She is sassy as ever and can definitely hold her own. She talks a ton and is constantly telling me what to do. I think her favorite term is Stop It! She is such a fun baby and we are very blessed that she is a part of our family. She brightens are home. She loves her daddy and looks forward to him coming home every day. I didnt think a kid could be any busier than Tate but she does circles around him. She is always on the go. I love that she is active and busy. Tylee I love you so much and am blessed to be your mom. Now if you will just stay in your own bed:) Thanks for everyday making me smile!!!!!


We went to Vegas to stay with the Pisciottas this past weekend. It was all I had ever dreamed of and more. I think I took more naps there than I have in a while. I havent been feeling up to par so Im going to chalk my tiredness on that. We always eat like royalty and have tons of fun. Donald and Angie are such good cooks we get spoiled. Poor Chad then has to come back home to cold cereal and fast food. Rock Band was a hit. The kids thought it was the greatest thing . Here is another one of Tys classic cheese faces.
We dont ever do much of the Vegas scene when we are there but we did go and see Carrot Top. He was hilarious!!! Thanks Donald and Angie for taking us and Tyler for watching the kids!! Dave and Diana who is Donalds sister and her husband came with us as well. Chad is making a real nice face in this picture. It was a bit chilly there on sat and sun. The pool was about 90 degrees though and so we swam our hearts out. The kids are like fish. B and Tate do really well swimming and Ty just thinks that she does really well. She has no fear, kinda scary. She will just jump off and then float waiting for someone to get her.Im sure Donald had a good workout throwing the kids in the air. They were way up there.
Brooks was such a huge help this weekend with the kids. I know she will be reading this so I just wanted you to know its so awesome to see you help with the little kids. I know its not always fun being the oldest and having more responsibilities. Thanks for all you do!!!Thanks Pisciottas for taking care of us. We miss you guys so much and cant wait till you move back, RIGHT? Im planning on it! We love you guys!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Brooklyns Dance Recital

My little hip hopper. Oh and Chad combed Tates hair if you were wondering why it looks like he rode with his head out the window. I will say though that Im glad that Chad even thinks or cares enough to comb it.
Tate was so proud of Brooks. It was so funny! And Tylees cheese face is getting a little better. At least its a smile, even if it is huge.

On Sat. B had her dance recital. She takes a hip hop class at Club Dance which is Kelli and Kevins studio. Kelli goes all out in everything she does. She defines the meaning of the saying "Do it right or not at all." Its been fun to see B kind of come out of her shell a little. I will have to say and not because I am her mom she was so good. She has only been up on stage on other time and was a bit nervous. You couldn't tell at all. She didn't look the slightest bit intimidated to me. I don't even think she missed one of her moves. Chad and I kept saying all night that we could not believe how amazing she did. She has more rhythm than I do already. So good job to B and kudos to Kelli for such a good recital. It was top notch all the way.

Summer Fun

I love this about summer time. The little farmer tan is to cute. I think the boys think they are little pigs. Tate loves to make lots of mud in the back yard. Apparently Ridge and Brecken think its fun as well. Ty doesn't like the mud so well and sticks to just playing in the water. At least she has one girly thing about her. She forgets sometimes since her example is Tate. Tate looks as though he is enjoying this all to much. He is the biggest ham.
Do you think the kids need a bigger pool of what. Lol this mop bucket works great for the time being. They seem to think its great. The only problem is I cant fit in there also!!!

Mothers Day

K well these are not the greatest pictures because I forgot my camera but you can get the point. Brooks invited me to come to the Mothers Day Class Spa. I was so cute how excited she was for me to come and get pampered. I got an awesome massage and as you can see a nice manicure. Brooks wasn't sure if I would let her paint my nails. I said of course and she chose red. She did a pretty good job to. Then we had cheese and crackers and got to make a craft together. I had such a fun time. B thanks for pampering me and making me feel loved. YOUR THE BEST. I am so glad that Heavenly Father let me be your mom. You make me so happy!! I love you B.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 5th anniversary. It seems like alot longer than 5 years to me. Its been a ride but we always find our way back on top. Chad thanks for your patience with me. I am not always the easiest person to live with. I have learned in this 5 years that you don't take being a husband or a dad lightly. Thanks for taking so much pride in providing for our family. I love that we have so many similar interest. I think just about all of them might be the same. I enjoy laughing with you spending time with you. I am so lucky to have someone who cares enough to do the little things. I get a drink everyday and you don't realize what that drink means. Seems silly but to me it shows you care about even the littlest things. I appreciate that you pull the slack when I am not able to get everything done. Its never dull with you around and I love that about you. Thanks for being you and thanks for loving me. I love you
C- Chatterbox to any and all young and old. Chad talks to everyone
H- Happy by choice. Your glass is always half full.
A- Athletic. Queen Creek Hall of Famer, just ask him
D- Dad of the year. The kids can not wait for him to get home and he is 100% theirs when he walks through the door.
C- Cares about everyone. If you were ever chads friend you still are.
U- Unfrugal. Chad does not know the meaning of frugal and usually needs my help to remind him of things that aren't necessary. I will have to say its kinda nice to not always be married to a tight wad either. We balance each other in this area for the most part.
M- Makes me feel loved, and never forgets to tell the kids and I that he does.
M- Makes time for whats important in life. Family, church, callings, friends, work, play. Chad does nothing half way!
A- Always makes sure to take me out on dates. Tonight I cant think of a better date. Carolina's and the Dbacks game!!
R- Righteous, respects others
D- Descriptive. If you have ever heard Chad tell a story you know what I mean. It runs in his family.

Monday, May 12, 2008

We love Chea!!!!

We went out to take a few pics and came back with 200 of them. Chea you are awesome and I thank you for getting so many good pics of the girls. Madison and B are best friends and from these pics it is clear to see!!

Time Flies

As you can tell this blogging thing has gotten neglected as more and more things arise. I dont even know where to begin so I will just put up pics. Tate and Ty are like 2 peas in a pod. She will be lost when he starts school.
Tate started and is already done with swim lessons. Heather Solomon is amazing and Tate loves her. It was so nice that it was at Mindy Ortegas because we went and swam as well. Ty loves everything about swimming. She loves the sun like I do. There are times when we are playing outside that she will just lay down in the grass and stay there. Its funny to me because she is just doing what she has seen me do.
Everything came right back to Tate and he is swimming so good. He can jump off the board and swim across the entire pool. He comes up and takes breathes and then back under like a pro. I am so glad he does well because I have Ty who is not afraid at all. At least he will be a bit easier to watch.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Going Private

I was private a while back and am thinking it is now the way to go again. Its been fun to have people who are from the past comment and get back in touch. Anyone who is interested even if I don't know that you are looking at our blog, I would love to add you to the list. Please feel free to give me your email so I can add you Thanks