Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Hiatt Reunion

Ruth and Rudge Hiatt
Well I'm about 2 months behind on my blog but I will not be deterred in getting caught up. The task has been a daunting one but many journal worthy events have taken place and need to be documented. We had the opportunity to go to my Hiatt Family reunion in Pine, Az and enjoy all that encompasses that sacred place. There was an awesome turn out and we were able to get reacquainted with some of my cousins that I have not seen for way to long. We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed being together. Mom was singing her silly songs with all the kids. Gpa Hiatt loves to hear all the kids sing the songs he taught his kids when they were tiny. I love that my mom loves to sing with her grand kids. She has taught them so many fun silly songs.

The entertainment was a blast. We had our yearly dance and everyone joined in cutting a rug. Deon and Lisa have some serious skills out there but no one can top Gma Hiatt. She has always loved to dance and still does. I love to see her forgetting about life and her pains and smiling and enjoying herself.This isn't the greatest pic but I wanted to portray the madness. All of Pine can hear our music I'm sure but that's OK. A dance cant take place without music:)Many laughs were shared as well as tears. Sunday morning church is always spiritual and very uplifting. I look forward to hearing from whomever is called on to speak. It is such a testament to me of my grandparents lives and all that they have accomplished. The Hiatt family is not perfect by any means but I cant think of a stronger more unified family. I grew up always knowing true happiness comes only through dedicating our lives to our Savior. My grandparent not only taught us of this but lived to be like Him. I know without question the Ruth and Rudge Hiatt have done all they were needed to do! They have raised 7 children to be tremendous people and from those 7 have nearly 150 descendants come. Not one of their grandsons did not serve a mission. All have been sealed in the temple. Kinda neat I think. I cant help but know that I am blessed simply because I am a Hiatt!!

Good food was had all weekend long. I look forward to our Sunday lunch all year.

Mom and dad as Clem and Odessa. Susan painted this mural and it was awesome. Since gma and gpa cant do their act any more she figured out a way to keep the memory alive.

The kids had a blast and love to be together. We are so blessed to have a family that loves one another and truly enjoys the company of each other. Its not entirely common these days for families to be close. I wouldn't have it any other way!

My beautiful B. I was so glad that her dad was willing to bring her up there on Sat evening so she could be a part of the reunion. It is such an important tradition to me and I was glad to have the family all together.
Till next year, I truly cant wait!

Catching Up

My partner in crime
So I have pretty much spent the summer choosing not to blog. I have done a little on the kids individual blogs but have slacked on our family one. Kids have been back to school for about 3 weeks now and are doing pretty good. B is thriving as usual and is actually in the middle of running for student council. It has been a task in and of itself to get all the posters made, taped up all over school, shirt made, stickers and the speech memorized. There are 7 others running for the same office as she, so we have talked about all the possibilities. Win or lose I hope its a good learning experience for her. She is also participating in a leadership program which helps kids with special needs. She has been really excited about this program and was choosen specifically to do it. So all and all she is off to a great start.

Tate is doing fine as well. The first week was a cake walk for him and I was pretty shocked how well he was doing. Then I think he figured out that 7 hours is really long and that its the same game every day. He had a few rough days which entailed tears and teachers having to take him from me as he plead for me to help him. The 1st day that happened I think me heart was ripped out and stomped on. I got back in the car and had a melt down. That was the worst of it though and I think we are on the upside now. He still gets a tummy ache at school but knows if he does well he will be rewarded with something fun when he gets home. He tries his best and really wants to do good. He is still adjusting though and I can tell its not easy for him to be away!

As for Ty and I at home, well its not the same. I'm still waiting for the moment when I am glad school is back in session. As entertaining as Ty is I miss the other 2 alot during the day. Swimming is alot more fun when its a party not just Ty and I. I have vowed to get my to do list done that is a year old. Slowly but surely I am knocking things off one by one. Slowly being the key word. At the start of the school year was my time to get in gear and to be orderly if that's possible, for me:) I have tried to make efforts to do more of the little but oh so important things as a mom. FHE, dinners, cleaner house, consistent bed time in their OWN beds etc... That is coming along as far as where they fall asleep but usually 1 or 2 of them end up on our floor. That's all right though its progress, at least they aren't starting there like they were. Softball is back in action on Tues nights I play and Chad plays on Thurs. Co-Ed starts in a few weeks so it should be pretty interesting. We manage to be able to juggle this schedule as well as the kids schedules and our calling just fine though. As long as we can keep up with acting young we planning on doing so!

I may be one of the only people who will be sad when the summer is gone but we had such a fun one. I am lucky my kids enjoy swimming and the sun as much as I do because that's pretty much how our summer went. Whether it was at gma and gpa's house or Larson's or in the back yard blow up they could not get enough.
This picture cracks me up. Its a good thing we all love each other and don't mind being in each others personal space:)The lake is always amazing. Even more so when your kids try a new thing and do well with it. Tate had a hard time getting up but B did awesome. 2 tries and she was off to the races. Chad and I were so proud of her. She was grinning ear to ear as well.

She rode for a while and then decided her body had enough. Good job B we cant wait to go back so she can give it another whirl.