Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tis the Season

Ok last post of the day. I didnt talk much about Thanksgiving or what we did, or the things I am grateful for. I am so blessed and wanted to just say thanks. I am greatful for a family who loves me even when I am not always deserving. I am greatful for 3 kids who make me smile and laugh everyday. I am greatful for a husband who works hard and takes pride in caring for us. I am greatful for parents who have showed me what Christlike love means. I am so blessed to have great families on both sides. I am thankful for the Atonement. Heaven knows it has been used in my life . The knowledge that we have of forgiveness is amazing. It allows us to continually try to be better, though it may be hard. I am greatful for true friends, who love me through the rough stuff. I am so thankful for our freedom and the rights we have to choose for ourselves. On a lighter note I am greatful for this time of year and for the oppurtunities that come with. I love the feeling of giving and happiness that is felt. I cant beleive its already here. We got the lights up on the house and the kids and I did the tree last weekend. It was a tad early but we knew we would be gone and so it just worked out to do it that way. So anyone who knows the Cutchen Family knows we always have a bowl of M&Ms. So here she is thanks Nicole Mcbeth for supplying me the Christmas ones. Ty has had so much fun redecorating the tree everyday. Thank goodness for plastic ornaments.

I loved this picture of Santa, but I love the picture of Christ even more. I hope that we all remember the true meaning of Christmas. Its so easy to get caught up in the Santa thing and presents when you have kids. I am so greatful for our Savior and hope we all make sure our kids know what its all about. I love you all.

Twas the Night Before the Dunes....

You would have thought it was the night before Christmas because Tate was so excited. He didnt want to miss out on anything. He and Chad worked hard to get the trailer loaded. Tate is the biggest helper with that type of thing. He is all business when it comes to helping with outside chores. Its the cutest thing when Chad is backing up to the trailer he gets back there and helps Chad by waving him back. I think that he really thinks Chad watches him as he does that. Anyways this is where Tate wanted to sleep since I was in the kitchen packing and making cookies and banana bread. It could not have been comfy but he didnt seem to mind.
I dont know what they like to do more, ride or play in the huge sand box. Brecken and Tate have so much fun hanging out together at the dunes. They love to ride and cheer for their dads as the go fast up the hill or ride wheelies. Chad was messing around and got bucked off and Tate made me turn around because he needed to see that Chad was back on his bike. Tate was really brave this trip. I thought since it had been a while that he would be nervous. He was telling me to go faster and saying weeeeee up and down all the hills.
We love to go back to the hill and watch all the enertainment that goes on. Luckily Jessica wasnt the entertainment this time. She stayed on her quad the entire time and didnt break any flags. Good Job Jess. We did get to watch a rail roll down comp hill a couple of times. Those things are amazing how safe they are. They both jumped out and were just a bit sandy. The front tire was bent out and the windshield shattered but thats it as far as we could see.
Dave and Jessica are so much fun to have down their. We are glad Dave bought a bike so they will be able to come all the time now. We had thought that we might not find a place to camp because it gets so crowded. It was crowded for sure but we found a spot with no problem. I think this is the first year we didnt get stuck trying to get in and out of camp.

Tylee did good as well. We dont take much of a break from riding so this is her nap time. Looks pretty comfy to me. Thanks to the Butlers we camp in comfort. Its nice to have a potty and sink to wash your hands and faces. Thanks Julie for taking care of us. You guys are the best and we appreciate you guys sharing your space with us. Brandon is the worlds best hamburger maker. Im always impressed and Friday night was no exception. Tylee kept climbing on Breckens quad and wanting to go. When i took her for a ride on it she kept taking my hands off the handle bars wanting to do it herself.

Yes I know we look a little to chippr to be taking this picture. Thanks Jess for bending down so your not towering over me.

Friday night we went back to Yuma and stayed at a hotel. I took a forever shower. It feels so good to shower after a day of riding. The kids were asleep before we even got to the road. They didnt enjoy being woken up and having to take a shower. Luckily they both fell back to sleep farely easy and slept well. I had laugh at Ty when she fell asleep. She was out cold.
Here they are clean, rested and happy ready start the day. Little did they know it would be so windy. Its not bad for Tate because he will keep his goggles on but I tried to put some on Ty and she just took them off. She did good for the most part but her little cheeks are so wind burned. Poor Mindy her girls were miserable. We ended up heading home earlier then we had planned. I didnt get any pictures of Ted and Mindy but their girls are in this last one. They are so fun to have down there as well. The girls are so funny I could here them telling her "good job mom," "you can do it" and giving her thumbs up. The kids all had a blast being together. All in all it was fun even if the weather wasnt the best. We are ready to go again. By the way Brooks ended up staying home with my mom to help her decorate for Christmas. I let her pick if she wanted to come or stay with gma and gpa and she chose them. She had a ton of fun having a sleep over with Trey and Tori and going to the Suns game. Thanks mom and dad. She is lucky to have you both and values her time with you guys. Sorry this was a novel!!! PS We missed yo Brad and Summer and girls.

Wet Shirt Contest.......

So Ty loves to be in the shower or the bath. It is a battle all day long to keep her out of the shower. I dont mind the times that she is just in her diaper and gets in but it can get a little frustrating when she is all ready for the day and then decides to do it. Most of the time I keep the doors locked so she wont even be tempted to do it. The problem is I cant lock my bathroom door so she kinda has free access to my bath. The other night we got back from riding the rhino and Brooks was about to get in the shower. I unlocked the door and walked away and this is what I found!!!! Shoes and all. I have taken the attitude that I will try to find the good and fun in her naughtyness. Most of the time the things that she will do or get into are not harming anything, just testing my patience. Its hard to get to mad because she is so happy. She is just as busy as Tate ever was. Im in for it for at least the next 2 years.

Veterans Day Parade

Ya I know that I am behind on this blogging thing. I have been to tired at night to do it because for some reason I have been working to much. I thought it would be fun to take the kids to the parade. Tori was in it and so we had all the reason to go and show some support. Brooks stayed the night with Trey and Tori on Sunday night and had fun. They love to have slumber parties and think they need to stay up till wee hours in the morning when they do. Anyways we had fun(kinda). It was the longest parade but Tori was cute, and the company was good. We went to Neds on the way home and that to was worth the trip.

I think there are alot of bikers with vet appreciation. This was the majority of the parade. Dad how about one of these paint jobs to go along with your jacket!!!

Thank goodness these waves are good bye!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Bday Dad

This week has been busy but nothing amazing to speak of. It was a good weekend though. On Friday night we went to Outback for dads birthday dinner without kids. As much as we love you guys it gets a tad crazy with all of us so it was nice for a change to be kidless. The bad part is I cant even remember how old Dad is I think its 52. After dinner we went back to mom and dads house and took a trip down memory lane. We were all laughing so hard, Brad is always a crack up. Thanks for the fun night family. I am blessed to have the parents and siblings that I do. They are all such good examples to me in so many different ways. I dont know to any other families where everyone including the in laws are friends and like to be together. Brad and Summer rode the bike so I had to include a picture of the biker babe in leather. David and Staci were there Im not sure why I didnt get a picture of them. Dad I just wanted to say thanks for being the greatest dad and grandpa there is. You are constantly making us laugh and entertaining the kids. We love you and appreciate all you so for our family.

Saturday we did the usual. Brooks and I cleaned and Chad and Tate worked on the outside chores. Brooklyn is the best helper around our house. She has been so good at keeping up with her chores, which include the emptying the dishwasher and her room. Plus she is usually the one to clean the toy room, which is worth a day and half of chores because typically we cant walk in there. Tylee did pitch in by undoing most everything I had cleaned. It kind of makes for a long day. Chad went to youth conference at 11ish and I cleaned for a few more hours. We took the kids to see the Bee Movie. I thought it was funny but maybe not as good as I was expecting. Not sure why we even entertained the idea that Ty would sit through it. The girl has more energy that any 2 or 3 kids. She lasted 15 min and then she and Chad went shopping. I guess I got the good end of the deal I got to enjoy the rest of the movie and I got some new perfume out of it. Thanks Chad, you know how much I love good smelling stuff. About as much as you do. Other than my dad I do not know any man with more cologne. When it was over we walked the mall a little and then got some dinner. The new San Tan mall is pretty cool. We got home about 9 and it felt like midnight. I swear I am an old lady. It was a fun night though. Thanks Chad for taking the kids and I out for dinner and a movie. We all had a good night.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Boys will be boys

I went outside to check on Tate and Brecken and I found them soaking wet and covered in mud. Tate loves to be outside and when he is in the backyard I kind of let him just have his fun and dont worry about the messes being made. They had dug a big hole up against the house and filled it with water. It wasnt deep but enough where they could get filthy. Julie is propably wondering if i watch her kids when they are here. I promise I do. They have so much fun together its fun to see them play. There clothes are almost dry and Im hoping they are not to stained. Check out Tates hair in these pics it was covered. I had to wash it 3 times. I love that they are such boys and love to be dirty and crazy. Some moms may not like that but I love it. The dirtier the better, thats what baths are for. Tate is outside most every day covered in dirt and happy as can be. He wouldnt have it any other way!!

Ta Da here they are all clean!!!!!


So the day came and we had already gotten dressed up twice. Tate had a party at school on tues. We did a little mini trunk or treat for all the kids. I swear I can hardly stand how Halloween is celebrated for the entire week. The kids enjoy it though and thats what counts! We went to my friends Stephanie Heitz for dinner and treats. They took all the kids on hay rides and had cotton candy. It was fun but we wanted to see all the cousins to. We headed into David and Stacis house. Its much better for trick or treating than our neighborhood. Every year Jeff and Melissa Lee have a haunted house that we like to see as well. Mom and Dad came over there as well as Michelle and Ricky. That made it nice to make one stop but get to see all the kids. The haunted house was good. Chad took Tate through and he was thouroughly scarred. He was holding it together until he saw Shane. Thats when he started screaming "get me out of here". He will propably have nightmares. He has been a scardey cat of late. I think its all the scoobie doo he watches. It is his favorite show right now but he says it scares him. Dad ended up giving rides on the motorcycle all night to the grandkids. What a fun night for the kids. Candy, family, friends, rides and cousins. We now have the biggest bowl of candy that we dont need around here. Tate and Ty have to much energy as it is.
Could he be any happier to be riding with papa. He never wants to get off.
This is Shane. You can see why Tate was scarred.

This is my friend Stephanie Heitz, thanks for the party.

Where is the Bop we needed her for this piture to be complete!

These are Bs friends Madison, Julia Heitz and Lauryn Porter.