Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This past weekend we had the opportunity to surprise our kids and take them to Disneyland. It had been over 3 years since our last time going to DL so we figured we were due. We decided we were just going to go with our own little family and make make it a surprise. We didn't tell the kids until we were already on the road. It was so fun to see their reactions. B just sat and giggled for 10 min. Tate voiced all of his concerns about the rides that he remembered to be scary. I'm not sure Ty knew what to think. We got there on Wed night and stayed through Sunday. We had 3 full days at the parks and were fortunate to have amazing weather. We stayed at the Sheraton which was nice enough and a pretty quick walk to the park. I took this picture in the Goofy ride over in Toon Town. I have laughed so much at Tate's face. He is my timid child when it comes to the unknown. He likes to know what the plan is and what is going to take place. He was definitely forced to step outside of his comfort zone. He did loosen up but this was the 1st ride we went on. I'm glad he did relax a little or he would surely have been scarred by Space Mountain and the Tower of Terror.The kids wanted to go on the Tea Cups which make Chad and I both sick. For the most part Chad and I just took turns taking one for the team since we both get motion sickness pretty easily. We both took Dramamine and for the most part did great. I will say Space Mountain got me pretty good. This picture is right after Ty proceeded to sneeze right on an old ladies hand. I mean 3 inches away. Then the old lady looked at me and said "I sure hope she doesn't have the swine flu". I felt so bad but it was kinda funny to. Hey at least she is cute!It was so fun to be there at this time of year and really get into the season. There were so many lights and neat Christmas festivities going on. The parades were top notch and the kids didn't seem to mind watching the same one multiple times. We went to California Adventure on Friday and had a lot of fun over there. We did lunch at Ariels Grotto and the girls were in heaven. Ty was afraid of Stitch because she said his teeth are really sharp. This picture below was about how the trip went for Ty. She was literally a hair to short for most of the rides. The few she was able to go on she loved. She thought the Matterhorn was a blast and wanted to go back for more. She cried because they wouldn't let her on space mountain. Chad finally showed her how to stand real straight and stretch her neck. When we tried to get her on Splash Mountain the coaching paid off and she was just at 40in. She loved Splash Mt. as well and unfortunately was the one who got soaked. We ended up buying her some sweats so she wouldn't freeze.
Back to DL on Sat to face the crowds. It was pretty busy but we still got alot done and had a great day. The kids were determined to get as many autographs as possible so they could fill up their books. So we took pics with alot of characters on Sat. Ty specially thought it was neat to see them in person! I was so happy to see my kids love eachother and play and share excitement together. I was hoping to capture that very thing with my kids and this pic says enough! We had a blast and lasting memories were made!

I will close with the way we closed out every day while we were there. We had an awesome view of the fireworks from our hotel and were to tired to stay late enough to catch them while actually at DL. Fireworks are never good in pic but you catch the idea. Lots of red and green! Tis the season.