Monday, December 31, 2007

The Dunes AGAIN

We headed down to the dunes on Thurs morning at 6. We got down there and riding by lunchtime. We had all the space we wanted to set up camp so that was nice. The crowds poured in on Fri and even more on Sat. We had a blast, it was the Butlers, Ortegas and us. For us that group works out perfect. We all have kids and so it makes it nice. We could not have asked for better weather. It was chilly but as long as we bundled up we were perfect. It makes the biggest difference when there is not much wind. We rode all day long for 3 days. We look like we are dressed for the snow!!!! Fri morning we went out and were riding and I rolled the rhino. I had Tate, Brecken, Tylee and myself in it. Brecken thought it was fun. He said " that was like Dinico on cars". Tate was scared out of his mind and I think that is what scared Ty. As soon as we stopped rolling we realized no one was hurt and it did minimal damage to the rhino. We had some people help us get it back up on its wheels and the men went to work. It took the back tire off of the wheel. So with a compressor and some water and vaseline they got it back on and sealed on the bead. I had no problems with it at all the rest of the weekend which was nice. I was nervous it would have problems after. The flag didnt even break!!!! Well it is a little bent but still served its purpose. Thank goodness for good seatbelts in the back seat and Ty being buckled in her car seat. I know that it could have been alot worse and that our prayers were answered. It was kind of a good teaching experience for me to talk to Tate about praying.
My reaction was to put my leg out, like that was going to stop it or something. All the times that it rolled I never even felt my leg be touched. Kind of crazy because it was underneath the bar that was supposed to keep my leg in.
Tate was so tired we got back to the hotel and he laid right back down and fell asleep. Chad put him on a blanket and took his shoes off. He didnt make a peep the entire night. If only Ty would have slept that well. I guess she takes naps at any given time throughout the day so she is not as tired at night. She loves to ride and never gets unhappy as long as we are going. She did pretty good at keeping goggles on this time.

Its always a nice sight for us as parents when the kid crashes since he goes full speed all day long!She was snug as a bug the entire time. She rides in comfort thats for sure!
Here are Brandon and Chad doing a little simultaneous jumping.
We are beat and ready to take a hot shower and get in bed.

We had a blast and enjoyed spending the time with good friends and family. Hopefully B can come with us next time. Im kind of glad she wasnt with us this time. She would have never wanted to ride with me again after rolling.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Day

Christmas Day always goes pretty smooth for us. My family does morning breakfast and Chads does dinner. Its nice to not have conflicting schedules with the families. We got up about 7 and got started. Brooks had already been in there when I got up. I thought she knew when you wake up your supposed to wake up your parents first. Maybe she didnt know because in all the other years I have to drag her out of bed to open presents. What can I say they like their sleep, like their mom. As the kids are getting older Christmas seems to be getting more fun. Brooks got the ipod she wanted from Santa and a beach cruiser from us. Tate got a train table from Santa and a tool bench from us. Ty got a rocking horse from Santa and a little quad from us. Chad and I did the "we are not buying each other gifts this year," it didnt quite work out that way. It never will with Chad, he goes over board. It was fun to finally be surprised. This was the first year we waited till Christmas to give each other gifts. I think these should have been in Chads stocking not mine!!!!!!! We headed to mom and dads for some more gift giving. My parents gave us all 72 hour kits. along with other things for the kids. I am happy that my parents want us prepared since the Cummards arent doing it on their own. Mom is good about always coming up with things that are beneficial for years to come not just for the here and now. Thanks mom and dad!!! We love you and know as the family grows, its not getting easier. Speaking of growing - SUM and BRAD are going to have another baby. Im very excited!! Im ready for the babies to start coming as long as they arent mine. Lets pray its a boy, for Brads sake:) Breakfast was great as always, and I think always is the key word. Mom has done this same breakfast forever. Thanks everyone for everything. Brooks made Tori a necklace and she was so excited to give it to her!
Arent they both glowing with excitement about being preg!!From there Brooks left to go to Pine to be with Ambers family. We headed home and I think I took a much needed nap while Chad worked on putting all of Tates toys together. He wanted everything together right then. Chad was rather patient about it and had a good time working with Tate. Everytime Chad needed a screwdriver Tate would say" here dad I have one". He is such a boy thank goodness. I dont know what his dad would do if he wasnt that way.

We headed to Cummards at 5 for dinner. It was great as always. Sandi does mexican food every year. Brooks got there about 6 or so and we had just started opening gifts. Tate was so excited he got his very own cowboy hat. I think he thinks he is going to rope when he gets older. Papa, he may need some assistance with that. Im not sure his dad or I could teach him anything of any worth in that area! The adult kids played the normal white elephant game. I ended up with the greatest gift ever. Sorry Amber for taking from you. Its the softest hot pink robe. I think Jace said,"now Laura will never get dressed" and I think he may have been onto something.
The girls had so much fun together making up dances and performing them.
We got mom and dad a grill and mat they were wanting for their new horse trailer. We had an awesome Christmas. It helps when we have 2 great families to spend it with.

Monday, December 24, 2007

The Harts Party

Today is Christmas Eve, I guess it was now its Christmas Day, Merry Christmas!!!!!! We had our party at Chads cousins house as usual. Kyle and Linda are so good about getting everyone together on the holidays. We had a good time catching up with everyone. Everytime we go it seems as though Kyle has an awesome project that he has been working at. This time it is a old corvette for Lexy, his daughter. Can you even imagine turning 16 and having this car to drive?
Here is the man himself. This is Kyle and Chad. Thanks for being so kind and always genuine!We did our white elephant gift exchange as usual, and gifts for the kids. Chad and I thought we were pretty funny when the gift we took was picked. Yes, we did it we took the rock from my earlier post. They were giving it the ooh aah ,thats pretty comments. I couldnt help but be amused. We had a great time as always. Their home is amazing and they are so kind to let us all come and bring our kids. I took a picture of their house because it truly does amaze me. We will see if this pic does any justice. I am sure it wont. Its up in north mesa, red mountain area. I think what amazes me the most is that it is built into the side of a mountain.
Everyone says that Amber and I look like sisters. I take that as a compliment! Im grateful to have such good sis-in-laws.

She was really excited to get her gift. The morning should be fun!

Ya I know once again I am lame but there is something about a full moon. I love when it is full. The kids were saying in the car that they could see a man on the moon. Brooks your eyes must be awesome to see that. Since this is my journal I can write lame things like this right? That I could watch the moon when its full forever. It looked really cool tonight, but once again my pictures are not quite capturing everything. This also happens to be at my favorite location. Chevron on Power and Baseline. I think I need stock in it we are there so often. Got to have my DP extra ice and the added bonus is the styrofoam cup.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The more I look the more I love these!!

Here are some more family pics. Every time I look I like them more. Thanks Chea and I hope you dont care that I am putting these on here.

Christmas Sunday

Here are the kids before church. Its was fun to get them all ready in their Christmas attire. Although if you know me, being at church by 8 AM is not fun. Its nearly impossible. If I had my choice I would still be in bed at that time.

Caution this is really long!!!!!!

This week Brooks had a lot going on at school. Nothing all to productive, but fun for her nonetheless. She did not go to school on Mon. due to the garbage we are all dealing with as moms. Coughing all night, fevers for no reason, hives, chapped skin, headaches etc.... My kids are having a rough go this month. Tues she had her class presentation. It was very well practiced and turned out great. My camera on the other hand was not so great. I need a new one anyway, its been on the fritz. Brooks memorized her part perfect. She had to dress up in something that resembled Mexico. Thanks to Amber she looked great.Softball started back up on Tues. which was exciting for me. Ya I know Im lame, but I look forward to it. I will have to say the first game was fine the 2nd game was freezing. Wed I worked while Kristine babysat for me. Thank goodness for her, my kids love when her and Ky come to play. I love it to because I actually run on time. I managed to work 14.5 hours on Wed!Thurs B had a fashion show at school. It was so funny all the kids got up there and did the strut. I didnt get any good pics of her just pics of her 2 biggest fans.
I think Ty was trying to ask "Are we done yet"?

I had to leave there to get back to Tates pre school party. He is so funny and had been telling his teacher that he would not wear his PJs to school. I asked him why and he said thats weird. Mrs. Tracy managed to talk him into it and he had a good time. Thurs was an awesome day. Wed was my last day of work for a while so we have been able to enjoy Christmas festivities and handing out treats and what not. Thanks to Kierstin Pennington for making such yummy treats for us to hand out. I really am almost as good as Bettty Crocker. Just ask Chad I cook like you cant believe!!! It was nice to not have the stress though! Fri B stayed home from school since they werent doing anything. She played once again with Madison Lamb for a while till we had to head into the movies. We went and saw National Treasure for Cadens bday. The entire fam went and we had a blast. I left Ty with my mom this time since the last time didnt work out to well. Tate was difficult enough to keep quiet. The movie was really good. Brooks stayed the night at my parents with Trey and Tori. Mom is such a good grandma and enjoys having her grandkids around. As soon as the movie was over I dropped her off.Yes I know that Tate is a cheeseball, but at least he lets me take pics nonstop!On Sat afternoon we went to the Hiatt Family Party. There are a million of us and it was a little chaotic, but fun. It was good to see everyone and continue on with tradition even as we are outgrowing the house. Before long we are going to have to start doing things at a church building! We did the regular eat, pinata, nativity scene and visit from Santa. When they asked Tate what part he wanted to do for the nativity he said he wanted to be a race car. Not sure he is quite grasping the idea of it all. The told him he was a power ranger so he would wear the head wrap and the robe. When it came time for the sheppards to come out he was no where to be found! I found him sliding head first down the stairs. Here is Brooks being an angel. Im not sure it that one really fits for her or not. ;)

Phil and Karl are the greatest uncles ever. They look so much alike to me.

The 2 that started it all. What amazing examples of love gma and gpa have showed us all. Thats for teaching us the importance of life. We love you!!

Gramps doing his thing. I dont ever remember a Christmas without this happening.

Ya I know this is mean but I had to do it. She will laugh about it later, for now she may still be scarred!

Mimi and Grandpa Ed always make a point to come by and say hello to everyone.

Thanks for being such great grandparents! The kids are so blessed and lucky!

This is the line for the pinata. The kids were a tad ancy after waiting forever to get a turn.

All in all we had fun and enjoyed our family time. I am blessed with not just an amazing immediate family but also extended family. Gma and Gpa instilled in our parents how to be good people and have continued to encourage us as grand kids and then our kids to do the same. Its not always an easy task to keep a family of this size close and headed in the right direction. I thank them for always caring, loving and blessing our lives. They are the most righteous people I know and I pray to some day be as good as they are!!!!