Monday, December 29, 2008

Once again we had an awesome Christmas. It seems to always be that way because we have such great families that we love to be around. This was supposed to be the pic of the kids in their Christmas jammies but B was doing her rendezvous with her other family so I didnt get them all together for the jammie pic.
Yes Boss now sleeps inside because I am a softy. The poor dog shivers at night so he has moved in. He really just goes to bed when I shut the lights off and I don't hear from him till about 8 or so. I think he is liking his new sleeping arrangements. He goes back out during the day though.
Christmas morning Ty was still trying to wake up. We didn't start gifts till 8 but my kids have my sleeping pattern and are night owls and then grumpy in the morning. I didn't take many photos, perhaps I was still half asleep myself :) Anyways we are so blessed and enjoyed our morning. Santa brought B a quad, Tate a new bike and Ty a scooter. Chad was so kind and got me a bat. Yes I know silly but I have been wanting a good bat for a while now. I also got some slippers, perfume and a gift card. I am spoiled that is for sure. I got Chad a Springfield pistol. He has been wanting a gun for a while so I decided to go for it. Like I said we are so fortunate and I couldn't ask for more. I appreciate all of Chads hard work to provide for us. Most importantly I appreciate the birth of the Savior. I appreciate his continual blessings poured upon our family. We headed to moms for the normal fantastic breakfast and the kids had fun doing more exchanging. Mom and dad got all of us pressure cookers and outdoor stoves. I love that they are helping us be more prepared. We love them so much and appreciate all of their love towards our families. I couldn't ask for better and everyday realized how blessed I am to have them as parents and grandparents to my kids.The evenings are devoted to some good old Mexican at the Cummard casa. Once again more exchange and over abundance, but nonetheless the kids loved it.
The Cummards had Tates name this year and gave him these bats straight from Louisville. They have his name engraved on them and all. He thought they were pretty neat and cant wait to put them up in his room.Ty was loving on the Cummards new shnoodle named Bella.I said it before and I will say it again I appreciate both of our families and the relationships we have. I feel blessed to have married into such a loving family. The kids have so many grandparents who adore them and set great examples for them. I love that my siblings and Chads are not just related but our friends. Thanks to all who made our day special. I couldn't ask for anything more, amazing families, health, shelter, food and most of all the plan of happiness, which is definitely that!!!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hiatt Party

Mom and Dad doing their thing. The kids love being with them and they equally love having the kids around.

Ty thought being an angel was great. Of course ,she loves to dress up so why wouldn't she think it was all fun and games.Avery was obviously enjoying herself as well!

Tate when AWOL long before the nativity started. I found him out back being Tate riding a bike. I forced him back in to be a Sheppard and well by the next picture you can see how much he enjoyed it.

Ya I am mean, but you have to sit on his lap to get your gift right?

Ty was not to sure about the pinata this year. Maybe because the bat weighed more than she does.

The guys pretending to love the party.
It was a great day and we are so blessed to have an amazing family. I love that traditions from when I was a kid are still occurring. The kids look forward to it every year as do I!

A little of this and That

Tate adores his sisters and I cant get enough of it!

Dark Hair- a first ever for me! Brooks doing a little P90X. I have been taking a crack at that thing called working out:) slacking of late but hey its the holidays!We are ready for summer. My kids think if its in the 70s that's warm enough for water action. It went from high 70s to the 50s.

Friday, December 19, 2008

More Riding

On Sat. the Butlers invited us to go to the track on Ironwood with them. Tate cant seem to get enough riding in and was really excited to go. Its pretty cool how they have multiple tracks to suit all ages. The boys basically had 2 entire tracks to themselves. They rode until their thumbs were sore and loved every minute of it. We are missing not going to the dunes but for now we try to ride as much as we can. We finally had the governor taken off of Tate's quad so it actually goes quite fast now. Tate thinks he is Evil Knievel even more now than before. Both B and Ty love to ride also. Ty thinks she has a permanent spot is on the front of the little 50. I love that as a family we are able to thoroughly enjoy riding. For now we are enjoying tearing it up in good ole Queens. Thank goodness we live out here where we are surrounded with wide open spaces. I love living where we do and am grateful my kids can actually enjoy the outdoors.

Monday, December 1, 2008


So I am a tad behind on posting. Its just been crazy of late and our computer is on the fritz. Business aside we had a great Thanksgiving. Chad parents were leaving to go out of town so we didn't do the norm and go to Kyles. Since it was the Cutchen on year we all just went to moms. The kids had tons of fun playing and we enjoyed just relaxing. This was the 1st time ever not having B on Thanksgiving and I really missed her. I found myself wondering if she knew how much I love her and am grateful to be her mom. I am so blessed to have 3 healthy children who bring me happiness and so much laughter. I am thankful to have a husband who is here and engaged in being an excellent husband and dad. I am grateful to have a husband "that could've bowed out gracefully but you didn't, you knew enough to leave well enough alone but you didnt" I can hardly hear the words to that Rascal Flatts song without crying. It is so fitting and I couldn't be more blessed to have you Chad. I am so fortunate to have a Heavenly Father who loves me through the good and the bad. I am so thankful for the Atonement. Heaven knows myself alone has put it to good use. I cant imagine life without the knowledge that we have and the comfort that knowledge gives. I'm blessed to have wonderful parents. Both mine and Chads parents are so loving and Christlike. Our kids couldn't be luckier to have them for grandparents. I feel blessed to live in a free country. Changes aside, we are so fortunate to have all that we do. We are so blessed to have such great families. Between our families and good friends we are so lucky to have wonderful people to surround ourselves with. I could go on and on but I am ignoring the kids at the moment which only leads to trouble. Bottom line is I feel so blessed to be where I am. Its not perfect and heaven knows a work in progress but, its far better than I could have ever imagined!!