Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Play Ball

Being busy has been a key factor in my putting off blogging We are not nearly as busy as we were thank goodness. A big factor to our hectic schedule was playing ball. I helped to coach Brooklyn's team with Reed and Chad coached Tate's team. Not only were we coaching but I was playing women's on Tues and Chad plays men's on Thurs. We are so glad that our kids love to play ball and think its so fun to be at the ball park. B is #8 which is our family number. Its funny how families and kids have a favorite number. Chad was always # 8 so that is the number the kids pick to be also.
At the beginning of the season B played first base and really enjoyed it. As the season went on she started to practice pitching and got to be really good at it. The few games she pitched she had really good numbers. Coach Reed also decided that she played a great catcher and she finished the season as our starting catcher. We had so much fun this year and had such a great group of girls on our team. It was fun to coach with Reed, but it was so rewarding to see Brooklyn love to play ball and continue to improve. Tate loves to play ball and was the star of his team. I think because he is so into playing ball he mentally just understands it. He always asks questions about different scenarios and where the plays would be. Tate loves to slide and typically slid whether it was needed or not. He pretty much always had his head in the game which is abnormal for his age group. Most of the kids tend to be in la la land but not him. It was so fun to watch his sheer excitement when he stopped a ball or got a great hit. Chad is an excellent coach and has quite the following. I think he had 14 or 15 kids on his team because parents requested him. He loves coaching though and Tate loves to have his dad out there.

Tate was really down on the day of his last game so I said hey buddy whats wrong. He told me he was sad that it was his last game for a long time. Poor kid moped around for like 2 whole days after that. I love ball season but have to admit that 3 to 4 games a week is plenty for one family. I enjoy the time off but cant wait for next season.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

She had a Birthday, Shout Hooray

Once again I am way late. Late is better than never so hear goes the last 2 months. My baby turned 4 and I can not believe it. She continues to get cuter and more entertaining as she gets older. She is so funny and always makes me laugh. Its a hard combination when she gets into trouble because I'm typically trying not to laugh at whatever it is that she did. She has the largest personality in a little petite body. She only weighs 36 pounds which is pretty small. She is extremely happy and carefree. Tylee talks to everyone and is not shy. Sometimes with boys she will pretend like shes shy but there is no chance. She is such a blessing to me because she reminds me how fun it is to be a mom.

She is so sassy and into girl stuff. She loves flowers in her hair and to wear perfume and lip gloss. The best part about it though is she is just as much into dirt and bugs. She is always finding little critters and picking them up to play with. I personally am fine with bugs but under no circumstances do I care to hold them. I like that she is a little tom boy to go along with the priss. It makes for a well rounded girl, I'm hoping any way. I am so fortunate to have Tylee for my daughter. She is happy and loving and is very sweet. I am lucky because she tells me " I love you Mommy " numerous times throughout the day. I love being her mom and I adore her fun personality. I love you Tylee.

The End!