Friday, March 19, 2010

Tate is in the 100's Club

A couple months back Tate had been talking alot about being in the 100s club at school. This consists of any kindergartner that can write to 100 and count without any help. It was so fun to see him take this challenge and run with it. He practiced on his own and also asked to have me listen to him count quite often. I would find papers on the table that he had written from 1 to 100. Once he felt confident he asked his teacher when he could test for it. I think this is such a neat program the school has for these little kids. He really did set a goal and work hard for it. So at the last awards assembly he was asked to come up on the stage and be awarded with a T-shirt that says he is in the club. He has worn it a ton in the last week and is proud of himself. I could not ask for a better son. I love to see how his mind works and to see him accomplish goals he has set. He is doing so great in school and loves every minute of it. Keep up the hard work buddy. Daddy and I are so proud of you and blessed to be your parents:)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Picnic at the Airport

Last week we invited Grandpa Ed and Mimi to join us for a picnic at Gateway Airport. The weather is so fabulous right now and the kids and I have been soaking up the sun. I love the spring and look forward to it every year. I know that Gpa Ed loves planes so we thought it would be enjoyable for them to come with us. It was a pretty slow day as far as the flights went but we had a good time. My kids thought if was so fun to be able to spend time with Mimi and Gpa by themselves. They ran around like crazy kids, flew their propellers, and threw rocks. Ty kept climbing up and down on Gpa and asking him to give her kisses. She defiantly adores him and I know that he loves every minute of it:) This picture pretty well sums up how the 2 of them feel for each other.
The kids have already been asking when we can go again . We have been there numerous times and sometimes lots of planes taking off and other times it slow. The kids and I just enjoy being out in the good weather and having room to run and to be able to be loud. Thanks Mimi and Grandpa for making our picnic special. We love you both!!!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Family Date Night

We had the opportunity to take the kids to freestyle motor cross last weekend. The kids were so excited to go and watch these guys do crazy tricks on their dirt bikes. It was awesome! We sat on the 4Th row so we felt up close and personal with all the action. As a family we have always enjoyed riding quads and going to the dunes. This falls right into that category of fun for us. It was such a good time to take the kids out and enjoy being together as a family. Most of these pictures are blurry because I don't know how to use my camera, and also all of my targets were moving.
I was not sure if Ty would like it or not but she was totally into it and clapping and cheering up a storm.

Thanks Chad for planning this family outing. The kids and I appreciate all you do for us!

Februarys Student of the Month

She did it again! B continues to impress me. Brooklyn has numerous activities that she participates in weekly. She has had piano every Monday and now softball just started. Not to mention that she is the Student Body President since the other pres. resigned:) She participates in a Character Counts Program that helps out with younger students. The girl has a lot on her plate but she manages to get it all done. Not only does she get it done but she makes it all seem easy. Her teacher decided to surprise her and not let her know she was getting this award. We all showed up without her seeing us which made it even more fun. B loves Mrs. Bernier and is so lucky to have gotten her this year. She is a great teacher and loves B as well. I thought the note she attached to Brooklyn's award was neat so I posted it. I could not be more proud of my hard working, straight A pulling 9 year old.

We are her biggest fans! Tate just thinks that she is the coolest thing.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tate is 6

I can not believe that my little boy is 6 already. He is growing up so fast and as fun as it is to see him grow and develop his personality, I am sad. It has been a big year for Tate starting school. It was a rough start but he now loves to go to school. He is a social bug and has made some great friends in his class. He does so well and has learned so much. He seems to enjoy learning and being able to do his school work on his own. He lights up every time he realizes that he can sound anything out and read. He is still a million miles a minute but he has lost his mischievous side, thank goodness. I can always count on Tate to be honest and thoughtful. He amazes me because he actually thinks before acting. He is really good at analyizing the outcome of his actions and then making his choices based on what he knows will be. I am so blessed to be his mom! He brings me joy every single day, what more could I ask for in a son. Here are 6 things that describe Tate other than the fact that he is so handsome:)

1. Tate asks more ?s in a day than any 10 kids combined. He does not like to be told " I don't know " and will press the issue until I have given him an answer he can understand.
2. He is very thoughtful of those around him. Especially me:) The other day we went to pick Chea up for a photo shoot. Without me saying anything he jumped out to open the car door for her, and then let her get in and closed it. I was so impressed!

3. Tate is as rough and tough as a kid can come on the outside, but he is sweet and tender on the inside. He is very empathetic towards all and is a sweetheart.

4. He has some issues with being a tad OCD. He is very particular about his clothes and shoes. Not to mention the way his hair is combed. Without fail he washes his hands, brushes teeth, wipes up any drips on the toilet seat etc.. I could go on all day about him being anal. It sure makes things a lot easier on me for the most part.

5. Tate is such a good eater and will try anything. He does eat sweets but is just as happy to have an apple. He brought a ton of candy home from his Vday party and was concerned he would have to eat it all. I had to laugh because I know if it were mine it would have been eaten within the hour.

6. He is very coordinated and picks up on just about everything he tries. If in the beginning its not easy he practices until it gets that way. With his ability to do things well he is very cautious and makes sure to keep within his comfort zone. I appreciate this quality so much. I know as we ride quads or bikes that he is aware of the surroundings and is cautious.

Buddy, I love you so much and have a blast being your mom. I am so excited to see you learn and grow in ways that are so pleasing. You are adored by all and its not hard to see why!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tates Birthday Party

This year for Tates party he decided to have his buddies come and ride the track with him. It was for the most part our families but he had a few of his little buddies from school also. I assumed he would pick the traditional baseball cake again this year but he switched it up to a hunting cake. He has been really into guns of late and so I guess I shouldn't be to surprised.

We got him a new air soft gun that has rapid fire. He loves his other one and has gotten to be a great shot with it but wanted to not have to re load in between each shot. He also got alot of fun other gifts. The Larson's got him this awesome helmet that changes his voice. It has been a huge hit around our house. He got a couple remote control cars that we have been racing also. He loved all his gifts but more important he enjoys playing with his buddies.

Thanks to everyone who helped make his birthday special for him. It was low key but he thought it was a blast and that is what matters most.


We finally got it together and all went Snowboarding a few weeks ago. It was a ton of fun and was definitely a trip I wont soon forget. We went up on a Monday night and boarded on Tues. When we got to the cabin we found the water had been shut off. Thanks to Randa being very resourceful it didn't slow the toilet flushing or face washing. Although I learned it takes a lot of snow to make a little water. I think this was the last time that sitting down felt OK. I managed to fracture my tail bone about 2:30 and attempted to go down one more run. It was to scary and I called it good for the trip. The girls were a ton of fun and did so well. Most importantly they looked good doing it. Chea and Randa hung out on the deck and fortunately the weather could not have been better. I'm thinking from now on I may be better off sitting on the deck:)