Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our Pinetop Repreive

We were fortunate to beat the heat in Pinetop for a week with the Pisciotta's. We fished, bowled, watched movies, played cards, ate and had a great week. The Lamb Fam happened to be up there also so we were able to enjoy their company to. We celebrated Jackson's Bday with him up there at Native and then DQ for dessert. We ended up missing his baptism on Saturday but at least we had fun on his Bday! Eric doctoring B's toe that she cut while on one of our multiple fishing outings.

I could not believe how brave Angie was when it came to these mammoth size worms. They grossed me out so for the most part she pretty much took care of the kids fishing bait for me.

Best Friends
Ethan caught a crawdad and I think that may have been the extent of what was caught between all of us. I have no idea how to fish but we sure enjoyed trying!

We sure missed Chad but had a lot of fun nonetheless. I am so thankful that Gma and Gpa Hiatt have their home up there. Pinetop is a place that I love and I am so thankful that my kids also love to spend time up there. Its a little slice of Heaven and especially when it 110 degrees here at home and about 80 for the high there. We had a great week with friends and really enjoyed relaxing. Thanks Ang for the invite and the awesome week. We love you and need to do it more often.

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