Monday, August 23, 2010

Lake Powell 2010

Wayne trying to steal my job:)Note: Bishop in the bottom left corner also trying to put me out of business. I am a horrible contribution to the meals on our trip. I try to make up for it by cleaning as best I can. It gives me a feeling of worth on the Tuscan Vista!!! This post is no particular order since I don't think this blog is very friendly!Tate was love struck by Jessica's friend Aubrey who was a doll. He was to embarrassed to do his talent. Or maybe just to tired by the looks of his face.The Larson Family showing us all the talent one family can have. Really they are a very talented family. Ivy danced around quite well with her crutches that were due to an accident that was had on the jet ski's.This may have been one of the funnier moments of my life. The Lamb skit was thought out practiced and perfected. It was perfect for occasion.Ivy and Nick. Don't they look like they could be on High School Musical:)I think this may be the only pic of Chad and I together since I am always the one taking pictures. Also my camera decided to not work for half of the trip so I didn't take a ton of pictures. I need to get together with Chea since I am certain she will have captured some amazing pics.

Tate is always game to try anything. That surfing thing is not as easy as it seems. I stunk at it, but had fun attempting.This was our final lake trip with Nick before he left for his mission. On Thurs night I had not slept all night and spent most of the night on the top of the boat. It was amazingly peaceful, the moon was full and we were in this canyon that was illuminated from the moon. What a sight, I'm a sucker for the full moon anyhow. I watched and listened to fish jump for hours. I sat and pontificated how anyone can not believe in God. Its not just by chance places like LP exist. Anyhow once the sun came up I went and tried to wake Nick and Josh up. I was done just staring at the glass for water. They whined and moaned for a long time and told me to go back to bed. I kept at it and 30 min later we were on the lake:) I'm glad we did because that turned out to be the last chance to wake board of the trip. The boat started having some troubles.
B popped right up and seemed to be getting more and more comfortable.
Tate got up and hung on for dear life.
The Hosts with the Most

Once again our family was fortunate enough to be invited by the Larson's to share a week at LP with the Lambs also. I cant even do justice to what Heaven LP is to me. I enjoy every element of the place and love to take part in the fun. We hiked Hole in the Rock again. I had a new perspective after reading the Undaunted. It meant more than it had in the past. I taught my kids about those pioneers who paved the way down the steep hill in wagons, nearly impossible. They seemed to want to take part in the hike a little more after they knew the story behind it. I'm thankful to have LP memories forever imprinted in my mind, and for such great people I have the pleasure of being friends with!

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Hiatt Family said...

Lake Powell really is a BEAUTIFUL place! Glad you had such a fun trip!